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Walking the walk – Boosting reputation and driving referrals through social media

Through implementing a brand new strategy with measurable goals, we were able to boost the ROI of our social media efforts. By analyzing what content was performing well amongst our target audience, we were able to better position and promote our content to achieve higher post engagement, brand awareness and CTR.


Like a lot of marketing agencies, we were guilty of prioritising client work, and not spending enough time on our own communication efforts.

As one of the first digital marketing agencies on Twitter, we had developed a huge social media following of over 15,000 people. But with no social strategy in place, along with inconsistent and promotional-heavy output, we had very low engagement.

As an agency that provides social media support and strategy consultancy, we wanted our own social media efforts to showcase the kind of results we could offer clients. We also wanted to use social media to improve our reputation and authority within our industry, as well as support other marketing activities. This meant we had to think about ourselves as a client.


We needed KPIs for our social strategy, and to define how social media would support our broader marketing. We created a strategy with SMART goals to not only increase brand mentions and engagements with posts, but to also increase clicks through to the website, email signups, and downloads of content such as whitepapers.

To execute this strategy, we invested in social media management software, and created branded graphics to grab our audience’s attention. We critically audited our previous social media activity, and analyse the current social media landscape, to see what content was resonating with our target audiences.

We did this with a selection of social analytics tools. These helped us better understand our audience, identify topics of interest and key influencers. We also conducted competitor analysis to see which of our competitors were using social media successfully, and specifically what they did to cut through the noise.



Increase in social media traffic to our blog


Increase in social mentions


Improvement in CTR for links

Our analysis yielded valuable insights into our industry and social following. This meant we could better curate and promote content to fit into what our audience was reading, sharing and discussing online.

By tracking different engagement metrics, we were able to get a comprehensive view of our strengths and improvements. These improvements included a massive 464% increase in retweets, showing we were hitting a chord with our audience.

This in turn led to an increase in brand awareness, reflected in a 203% increase in social brand mentions. We measured the impact on social media on our reputation as experts through the number of referrals to our blog, which increased by 132%, with overall referrals up by 47%.

Most companies fail to realise you don’t have to be a huge enterprise to reap the benefits of using social media. SMEs, like us, can make the most of social media marketing in pursuit of meeting potential clients and increasing brand awareness"

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