show brands how social media should be done | show brands how social media should be done

By Kevin Gibbons / January 12, 2009

Insurance comparison website Compare The Market are currently running a TV ad in the UK, which in addition to being an amusing and memorable advert in itself, it’s also doing a very positive job of building brand awareness online via social media to

This is a great example of how brands can combine their offline and online marketing to create a popular brand and have a direct influence towards increasing online traffic and sales.

So let’s take a look at the social media impact this is currently having around the web:

8,251 Views and a 5 star rating, the video has also been added under several different profiles so the actual number of views is higher:

The world’s new most famous meerkat already has 5,860 fans on Facebook:

No-one wants to miss out on the branding and networking opportunities offered by Twitter these days, not even meerkats! Here’s Aleksandr Orlov’s own Twitter profile, it’s obviously a light-hearted and fun account but this also adds a more personal touch to the brand and helps to provide an additional level of customer support online:

Social Media Bookmarking is becoming very popular online and undoubtedly people will bookmark their favourite links on Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc…

Inbound Links & Blogging Buzz
It’s early days but the new domain is already starting to create a buzz and generate some powerful inbound links, I’d expect this to improve considerably over the next couple of weeks too:

Increase in Web Traffic
Plus the website has become so popular even Alexa can’t fail to notice!

So there you have it, that’s how an excellent TV ad can be made to maximise brand awareness online. It’s also a refreshing change from the brands who create a new domain/website but fail to mention it in offline advertising without promoting effectively online either. Maybe it’s time to start integrating your direct marketing campaigns with a social media marketing strategy!

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