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Don’t Just Read What Top Bloggers Write – Look at What They Do!

By Kelvin Newman / December 18, 2009

Many people read a huge amount of blog posts each day in order to learn and stay ahead of the game in SEO. I used to read loads of posts myself from the industry leading blogs all of the time. But I think you get to a point where, despite it being great to know what’s going on out there, there’s probably only a very small percentage of this information which directly benefits how you do your job. This post from Todd Malicoat about the important things which change in SEO is definitely worth a read.

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I’m certainly not saying don’t subscribe to these blogs – if you’re learning about search marketing you definitely should – but I’ve found that I now skim over far more posts than I used to in order to grab any information which I may find useful, new or interesting. One of the main reasons for keeping up-to-date with the latest news and interacting on sites like Twitter and Sphinn is often to build relationships and a reputation online.

But my main point is, that while reading these blogs you could quite easily learn upto 90% of what you need to know about SEO, it’s often the extra 10% which people prefer not to give away that can really help you to learn some very useful tips and tricks to push your site/clients forward that extra mile.

So what do the top bloggers do?

These people clearly know what they’re talking about, so you could probably learn a lot from what they are actually doing for themselves. Some of this things they won’t tell you, so you just need to look a bit deeper and read between the lines!

So don’t just read about the bloggers opinions about the topics your looking to learn about, actually look at what they are doing themselves too!

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