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Drapers Ecommerce 2012 - Top 32 Tweets, Thoughts and Take-Aways

By Pak Hou Cheung / February 29, 2012

About Drapers Ecommerce 2012

Yesterday saw the annual Drapers Ecommerce Conference at America Square, London, a truly star studded event where some of the hottest brands in fashion this year (including My-Wardrobe, Reiss and Boohoo) came together to talk and discuss the changing dynamics of the World Wide Web, with 5 exciting agendas on the table:

  • Internationalisation of Ecommerce
  • Analysing the Ever-Changing Customer
  • Fall in “like” with Tweeting
  • From Browsing to Buying
  • Cross Channel Marketing

Top 32 Tweets

The event caused quite the stir on Twitter and gave some useful insight into the conference. Here are the 32 Tweets I found most useful from the event in:

  1. @drapers_ecomm Interact with customers through the channel they want to be interacted with, Susan Aubrey-Cound, M&S #drapersecomm
  2. @keelystocker Rob Moss Mywardrobe – 50% of the traffic to our site is currently coming from global sources #drapersecomm
  3. @Ana_C_Santi: Dwell time and order values higher via iPads than any other channel at my-wardrobe says Rob Moss #drapersecomm
  4. @drapers_ecomm Barcode scanners have driven traffic onto our website, Robb Moss, My-wardrobe #drapersecomm
  5. @keelystocker Dan Lumb, Reiss – use social media to engage with customers but keep it natural and ensure it fits with the brand #drapersecomm
  6. @nishmarobb The panel agree …… Search marketing the best for traffic and social media for personality/brand, driven by content. #drapersecomm
  7. @Ana_C_Santi: @REISS’s Dan Lumb says Tumblr a good traffic driver for a premium retailer. High dwell time #drapersecomm
  8. @wgsn Tumblr a good platform 4 premium retail brand #reiss. A decadent space where it can align its thoughts as a brand #drapersecomm
  9. @keelystocker: Good advice from @REISS’s Lumb – remember social is not just Monday-Friday #drapersecomm
  10. @Ana_C_Santi Shop Direct’s James Balmain also says important to address different needs of customers – not all use site to purchase #drapersecomm
  11. @nishmarobb Gracia of TopShop making a great case for why Facebook adv can influence the cust journey even if not directly delivering ROI #drapersecomm
  12. @Ana_C_Santi Topman’s Gracia Amico says editorial content which makes online journey “human” is important. Not always about instant ROI #drapersecomm
  13. @Ana_C_Santi But Shop Direct’s Balmain argues if you go too far down content route you become editorial site that doesn’t sell anything #drapersecomm
  14. @TweetIntent MT @Ana_C_Santi: Topman’s Gracia says “if you like this, you’ll also like these” strategy is great online conversion driver #drapersecomm
  15. @nishmarobb Good to hear that businesses are thinking about the new EU cookie directive as the deadline for compliance is looming 25/05/12
  16. @wgsn Good point from Links of London. Apps r very personal, having 1 on ur phone says sth abt u, so ppl just retain those they use
  17. @Ana_C_Santi If you want your page to rank high on Google, you need other pages to link to yours, says Shop Direct’s Balmain
  18. @Ana_C_Santi Social media is hugely feeding into SEO, says Shop Direct’s Balmain #drapersecomm
  19. @nishmarobb: Balmain: making a site social is not just about tracking ‘like’ but ‘want’ too. #drapersecomm
  20. @wgsn: Pinterest is third biggest driver of traffic to #my-wardrobe after paid and organic search. #drapersecomm
  21. @Realex_UK Ipad was responsible for less than 24% of @schuhstores traffic in 2011 but equated to over 50% of sales -Sean McKee #drapersecomm
  22. @nishmarobb Retailers seem more in favour of mobile site rather than apps. Better conv from site vs app and Ipads have the best conv rate. #drapersecomm
  23. keelystocker @keelystocker Matt Jeans, Bench – knowing regional markets is key – in Germany order values are often high but then so are return rates #drapersecomm
  24. wgsn @wgsn On internationalisation of ecom. Building a local website is not the toughest part but building the demand is, says Bench #drapersecomm
  25. nishma robb @nishmarobb Website build least of the challenges of internationalisation but actually developing demand is tough – says Matt at Bench #drapersecomm
  26. @LoganTod: 25% of emails now opened on a smartphone – Sean McKee speaking at #drapersecomm pic.twitter.com/6nArFWmG
  27. @drapers_ecomm People are influenced most by their friends that’s why social networking is so important – Chris Bale, boohoo.com #drapersecomm
  28. @wgsn: Entering a new market? Localisation should be at heart of doing business there. Work backwards from that position. #drapersecomm
  29. @wgsn: Boohoo customer research: 1st 30 secs of downloaded app is where you win or lose. Customers will quickly delete. #drapersecomm
  30. @nishmarobb: iPad is 50% of sales revenue but only 24% of traffic ….amazing Sean at Schuh #drapersecomm
  31. @wgsn: Entering a new market? Localisation should be at heart of doing business there. Work backwards from that position. #drapersecomm
  32. @keelystocker: Rob Moss – Pinterest is currently the biggest traffic driver to the site outside of paid and natural search #drapersecomm

Thoughts & Take-Away

Although not actually being there in real life, the tweets did give me some useful insights and helped reinforce thoughts in areas that should be highlighted for businesses, regardless of whether they are in online fashion or not.

Little Thoughts

Top Social Media Takeaway Thoughts & Take-aways

It seems that everyone is still discussing the importance of social media and its relevance to online businesses, and why not, with social media still in its growth stage and new platforms coming about, such as Pinterest. There is still a lot more that businesses can do with this and should note:

  • Use a platform social media platform that all your customers can interact well with and fits well with your brand image, for example it would be useless for ASOS to focus all their social media efforts via Linkedin, if their target market is engrossed using Facebook and Twitter.
  • Social Media, quite rightly pointed out by Dan Lumb @Reiss, is not a Monday to Friday activity, and should be managed even on weekends, so as sad as it maybe for you or your employees, do try to engage with your target market during the weekends.
  • Using Facebook is a great way to improve brand visibility even if the site does not give ROI.  We have all heard of the term “lost leader”, whereas a supermarket for example entices people to buy products from its shops at a loss.  If you are able to work out a different ROI system that is not solely based on money, but can say social media had an affect on the increase in profits, this would still be another option.
  • Don’t just jump on the band wagon with Pinterest. For some sites it works, for some it doesn’t – don’t feel pressurised if your client or boss says we should be doing it as it’s the latest craze.
  • Tracking your ROI based on likes and followers is useless.  If you would like more Twitter followers for free you can read more about it here.  Track ROI using a variety of other ways, SEOMoz wrote an interesting article regarding  this in September 2011, and software services from DC Storm is a great way to help track keep on top of this.

Top SEO Thoughts & Take-aways

I felt from looking at the tweets that discussion on SEO was fairly weak, but this did give me some other ideas and areas that businesses should look to develop and take note of:

  • We all understand that Google enjoys content-rich websites. However, a good point from Shop Direct’s Balmain was that you can have too much of it.  It may lead to being a site for providing content in giving customers knowledge of a product rather than actually selling the product the person already searched for.
  • Another point from Shop Direct Balmain, simply put:  if you want to rank higher on Google you need links.  However, bear in mind that it’s about quality links and not quantity.  The best links are from authoritative sites giving a reason for the user clicking through to your site in the first place.
  • If you are looking to enter a new market, understand the local search engines and how you can be better optimised.   For example, if you are entering China, understand that the majority of the Chinese market is going to use a search engine such as Baidu, which has a different algorithm to Google.
  • Finally, SEO is not dying, even with SSL Encryption, the EU Cookie Directive and Google Privacy Laws.  These are just factors that SEOs will have to learn to handle and overcome, because simply put, search marketing is such a powerful marketing tool that it is evolving and even affecting how we learn and think!

I'm not sure...

Other Areas of Thoughts & Interest

Even though most of my time is spent in SEO and Social Media, there were a few valuable points that I feel were very interesting to note:

  • Importance of multi-channel marketing, integrating QR codes and barcodes will become popular in helping drive traffic to a site.
  • It was interesting to note the level of focus on ROI and Sales reported for Tablets and Smartphones; businesses will be looking to develop their websites better to help cater for this platform.
  • E-mail marketing will place a heavier focus for a better marketing campaign, with the rise of smart phone and tablet users; people are more engrossed in opening their emails on the move and in times of boredom.

If you did attend the Drapers Ecommerce 2012, it would be great to hear your personal thoughts and top takeaway tips!

Thanks and Mentions Special thanks to all those who tweeted – without your help this post would not have been possible! Thanks also to Sushanta and De_Louvrefor their immense Flickr pictures.

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