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Facebook on Limited Run's Facebook Advertising Claims

By Shaad Hamid / July 31, 2012

Following reports over Limited Run’s Facebook ad tests and their need to spend a minimum advertising budget of $2,000 a month in order to change their Facebook page name from Limited Pressing to Limited Run, we’ve been getting many inquiries from our clients.

We contacted Facebook and a spokesperson for the social network responded with the following:

Facebook is looking into the issue now so it can understand how Limited Pressing came up with these findings.

Facebook has a lot of advertisers that run sophisticated analytics – including many large international advertising agencies – and this doesn’t represent a typical experience.

After their announcement on Facebook, Limited Run went on to delete their Facebook page. They’ve also acknowledged that Facebook are now in touch with them and are looking into the issue. When we got in touch with Facebook for a comment, they didn’t have an updated statement on their investigations?

This is a live post, so we will keep this story updated as the news unfold.


Marty Weintraub, of online marketing agency, aimClear, announced top level results of what appears to be a study on Facebook’s bot behaviour on their blog. The three high-level findings are:

  1. The number of visits FB reports from ads appear to be nearly accurate, even if the visitors are bots.
  2. Possible bot traffic from the USA is much lower than Limited’s study purported, and
  3. Internationally, possible FB Ads bots traffic is higher than in the USA but much lower than Limited reports.

A detailed response post is scheduled to be published  on Search Engine Watch in the next couple of days. The post is meant to provide “complete data” of their study. We eagerly await the data driven response.

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