Google's 'Over Optimisation' Algorithm Update - Coming Soon! |

Google's 'Over Optimisation' Algorithm Update - Coming Soon!

By Shaad Hamid / April 24, 2012

Many speculated for weeks over the launch of Google’s next algorithm update targeting websites that Matt Cutts described as “over optimised”. The new algorithm update is meant to launch in the next few days and according to the Official Google Search Blog, this particular update will affect sites that employ the following “black-hat” tactics:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Link schemes (paid links, excessive reciprocal linking, links from (and to) spammy or unrelated sites etc.)
  • Article spinning

According to Matt Cutts, the change will go live for all languages at the same time. The update is meant to affect 3.1% of queries in English where “regular users” will notice. This number is relatively small when compared to the effect the original Panda update had on search queries (12% of search queries for regular users).

So how does one make sure not to fall pray to Google’s next update? Cutts emphasises that in addition to improving site usability, creating “great” content, and improving site speed; site-owners must also need to think of creative marketing campaigns that make sites more compelling “that help search engines as well as social media”.

The SEO community have long known the indirect benefits of launching “high level” online marketing campaigns that gain publicity and higher visibility on social networks and the blogosphere. However, this is probably the most compelling hint that the search giant has dropped on SEOs which stress the need for SEOs to graduate from it’s infant state and take it’s rightful place at a strategic marketing level.

Google’s ultimate objective is to provide the most relevant results for their users and this algorithm update seems to be an aggressive step toward that goal. We will be updating this space as and when we hear more from the search giant so be sure to watch this space. Also feel free to voice your opinions and share your thoughts with the community.

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