How to Promote Australian Tourism to a Worldwide Audience for £70,000! |

How to Promote Australian Tourism to a Worldwide Audience for £70,000!

By Kevin Gibbons / January 14, 2009

You’ve probably heard about the “Best Job in the World” offer during the last couple of days. If you haven’t, Experience Queensland are offering the opportunity to live rent free on Australia’s Hamilton Island for a salary of £70k a year.

What’s the catch? For the successful candidate there’s not one, they just need to work a mere 12-hours a month and enjoy the cruises, snorkeling, diving, fishing and weather the Whitsunday Islands have to offer. But behind the offer is an incredible piece of creative marketing which has created a huge buzz both in the media and online. Although having been to Hamilton Island it’s a surprise they really need to promote themselves at all!

Hamilton Island, Australia
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Television reports on the BBC has led to media attention from The Independent, Guardian, Telegraph and Daily Mail. But it didn’t end in the UK, this also made CNN news in the US, led to worldwide coverage with media attention from hundreds of blogs (most notably TechCrunch) and created a popular talking point on Twitter and other social media websites.

The £70k salary is already starting to look like a very clever investment, this is the type of publicity you’d generally struggle to create even with the budget of Manchester City’s new owners! If you just look at the SEO value alone it’s a superb achievement to have naturally generated a wide-range of permanent links from such authoritative domains. How do you match that with a link-building campaign? There really is no answer, this type of coverage would normally take years to achieve.

The only thing they did get wrong was to have a website without the bandwidth capable of hosting such a large increase in traffic (reportedly 850,000 visits in one day!), not that too many servers could handle this. They may have to employ a few more people to look through all of those job applications too!

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