How you can get 24 Facebook Likes on your blog post in less than 14 minutes – and why not to bother! |

How you can get 24 Facebook Likes on your blog post in less than 14 minutes – and why not to bother!

By Pak Hou Cheung / March 15, 2012

Back in December last year I wrote one of my first blog posts for SEOptimise entitled “How you can get over 79 Twitter followers in under 23 minutes – and why not to bother”.

From the title of the post, you can imagine that this post is regarding a similar topic, so you will not be required to do any of the following:

  • Write a ground-breaking blog post announcing how you have revolutionised the world
  • Give away freebies in order to be liked
  • Do any sort of “Like Gating”


Over the past decade, as blogging and social media marketing have become increasingly popular, some companies are now even outsourcing their blogs to be written by another agency.

I was surprised the other day when talking to a friend about how they measured the success of their company’s blog, that she mentioned one of their factors was getting more “Facebook Likes”.  At that moment I cringed, but it also gave me inspiration to write this.

Learning Objectives

Today’s post will show you how to get free likes on your blog post, but will also show you that getting 1000 Likes as opposed to 10 makes no real difference. I’ll also show you alternatives to how you can better monitor the success of your blogging campaign.

How to get Free Facebook Blog Post Likes

In order to start acquiring more Facebook Likes for a blog post, you will need an active Facebook account.

Firstly, login to your Facebook account and decide which blog post you wish to promote. I have chosen a dated blog post that I have found online so as to try and make sure no “real people” would be liking the post any time soon:


Then grab the webpage URL and post it to another Facebook accounts page, as shown below:


Do wait for the image to load up, like above and not like below; if you post without the load of the preview image, it will not register as a like:

After you have finished posting, hit the refresh button and keep posting to your heart’s content, as below:


Why doing this is useless for your brand

Although I am sure many of you could get more than 24 likes in the time I have done this, using Facebook likes as a blog performance metric is a poor way to gauge how well your blog is performing.  As awesome as it may be to get a thousand likes for your business, if none of these convert to leads or sales, it is purely a vanity figure and therefore useless.

Measuring the Success of Your Blog

In looking at measuring the success of your blog there are a variety of other ways, one of the most obvious being traffic to the blog, which you can drive down to further factors. With a simple tool such as Google Analytics there are other factors to help measure the success of your blog such as:

  • Page Views
  • Traffic Sources
  • Conversions to subscribers

There are many other more advanced ways to measure the success of your blog but all things start simple and then progress further.

Remember, a blog should be looked as an extension to your company’s brand image and used as a marketing tool to attract new business, and not on these vanity figures such as likes, followers and stumbles.


Image from Flickr courtesy of jwlphotography

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