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(Now Provided) - Giving back keyword insight!

This tool uses OAuth 2.0; logging in only provides a token for usage with google api, none of the data is stored by this tool and it will not provide White.net with any confidential data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is (Now Provided)

(Now Provided) combines the power of Google Analytics and SEMrush to show you the keyword topics that are generating organic search traffic to your most popular URLs.

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Retrieve keyword data

What keywords are behind your content's success? Get a simple keyword breakdown per page

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Identify low-hanging fruit

Uncover keywords that have potential, but need more emphasis to quickly increase relevant traffic

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Create targeted landing pages

Understand the terms that are driving your traffic, and develop your content to address those topics

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have collated a number of FAQs.

How does (Now Provided) work?

By logging into Google Analytics, you allow us to find the top organic landing pages by search engine. We then take this data and run it through SEMrush, which identifies the keywords these URLs are ranking for. When the keyword limit is hit, no more URLs will be checked and your data will be returned.

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How do you estimate the traffic?

To estimate the traffic for (Now Provided), we take the search volume and ranking provided by SEMrush, and the CTR % provided by the study that you have chosen (Chitika 2013 or Optify 2012).

Search Term  = Google SEO Tools
Search Term Volume = 170
Google Ranking = 1
Chitika 2013 CTR = 32.5%
Estimated Monthly Traffic = 55

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Why doesn’t the total estimate traffic equal the landing page sessions?

There are several potential reasons for this:

  • You may have more keywords driving traffic to the landing page than has been found within SEMrush (longer-tail or less popular terms that SEMRush doesn’t currently monitor)
  • You may be receiving search engine traffic from multiple international markets. If you are looking at UK market data, any US keyword traffic to the URL will not be included
  • Estimated traffic is based on SERP CTR studies, and is not 100% accurate

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Why does Google Analytics shows more landing pages than (Now Provided)?

Due to the restrictions added to the free tool, we will only show URLs upto the keyword limit that has been implemented.

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Why does SEMrush shows more keywords than (Now Provided)?

Due to the restrictions added to the free tool, we will only show a maximum of 75 keywords per submission.

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What date range is being used?

We are using the last 30 days from Google Analytics, and the last ranking position as provided by SEMrush.

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How many searches can I run?

Each IP address is able to run 10 searches per day.

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How much does it cost?

This is a free tool. 🙂

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