Paid search popular with marketers |

Paid search popular with marketers

By Stuart Tofts / August 18, 2008

Paid-for search advertising “dominates” online marketing, according to the Ofcom.

Its report Communication Nation: UK consumers paying less but getting more found the amount spent on promoting goods and services via the internet grew to £2.8 billion last year.

The watchdog reveals the amount spent on advertising through the web was greater than the total amount spent on marketing through C4, ITV1, S4C and five.

I find this a bit frustrating. Paid search is a useful tool and can have huge benefits for any business. It is easily measurable, easily controlled and easily effective.

However, it is just one of many marketing tools and it is also one which requires an ongoing budget.

Appearing at the top of natural search results will be more beneficial for a company – but it is also much harder to achieve.

I firmly believe it is well worth the search engine optimisation (SEO) work, though, as consumers find natural results more trustworthy.

Furthermore, decent SEO continues to work to an extent even if a firm stops spending money on it.

Ultimately, the best option for any business is to use both paid search and SEO to make sure their online marketing targets everyone.

That way they never risk being dropped in favour of a competitor with better search skills.

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