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PPC for the iPhone

By Richard Fergie / January 19, 2010

I don’t have an iPhone. Most of the SEM community are early adopters so many of you will already be using smart phones and many of you will already be aware of what I am about to tell you. I’ll put the important information in bold just here so that it is easy to spot:

When searching on Google using the iPhone…

  • There are only 2 sponsored results above the organic listings
  • The remaining results appear right at the bottom of the page NOT to the side
  • There are only 5 ad slots available

Google results on the iPhone - Top of the page

Google Results on the iPhone - Bottom

One of our clients has an iPhone app that they wanted to publicise. I setup a PPC campaign focusing on keywords like “widget iPhone app”. Surprise, surprise there was very little search volume on these terms.

My next idea was to do a campaign on upper funnel keywords like “red widgets” or “blue widgets” but to display the adverts only to users on smart phones and have the advert and landing page publicise the iPhone app.

This campaign was getting a good number of impressions but the click through rate was very low. This could be because I need to work on the ad text a bit more, or because people searching on the targeted keywords aren’t really interested in an iPhone app but I think it is because the average position of the advert placed it right at the bottom of the page.

Further thoughts.

  • Google normalises quality score based on ad position. If they don’t make a distinction between their iPhone results and their desktop results when doing this normalisation campaigns with a large number of smartphone impressions at lower ad positions will be disadvantaged.
  • Mobile is meant to be one of the many next big things in search. This will make paid search even more competative because there are only 5 ad slots on the front page.

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