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Primark a Prime Example of How Not to Market Yourself Online

By Kevin Gibbons / June 9, 2009

Yesterday I wrote a post on Econsultancy about why not selling online can damage your brand. This does sound very obvious, but it’s surprising how many well-known UK brands and even high-street retailers do not manage to get this right online.

One of the examples given in the comments (thanks Andon) was the Primark website, who not only fail to sell their products online, but they also have no product catalogue available either. Plus the website has clearly not been optimised for the search engines, without going into too much details just check out:

  • Title tags – non-keyword descriptive is a big understatement!
  • URL’s – long ID’s when browsing deeper into the site and clicking back to the homepage
  • International strategy – Irish and Spanish versions both hosted on

But back to my main point of selling online and below is a screenshot of the womenswear product page. This very briefly outlines the type of products and brands available but without going into any further detail:

What this means, is that in addition to being unable to buy products online, users also won’t be able to browse a selection of available products either. This really is a huge missed opportunity in terms of potential direct sales and converting online visitors (who may find a product they like and visit the store at a later date) into potential customers. It’s also a missed opportunity in terms of effectively integrating offline and online marketing, by ensuring that those people who see a Primark advertisement can quickly visit the website to find and purchase a products they like.

Plus, and this is probably the biggest reason I’m writing this post, I’m sure us guys would appreciate it if our girlfriends/wifes could find the latest new outfit online and save us several hours of getting dragged around shops by just simply buying them instead! Or at least they could go into the shop knowing what they are looking for without trying on fourteen pairs of shoes first! Perhaps that would be too easy though, I may be asking for too much here! 😀

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