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Remarketing Is Now Simpler

By Tamsin Mehew / July 27, 2012

Google’s made some exciting announcements about remarketing.

  1. You can use one AdWords remarketing tag on all pages of your site, and then create as many remarketing audiences as you like from it. The audiences are then defined according to the URL of visited pages.
  2. You can (after “a small edit”) use a Google Analytics tag to make remarketing audiences for a linked AdWords account. This is being rolled out “in waves by the end of the summer”, so keep an eye on your Analytics account for the remarketing option!

Why is this exciting?

  • Needing just the one tag means it’s much simpler to install on all pages, so it should be quicker for your (or your client’s) web development team.
  • It’s also easier to check that the right code is on the right pages.
  • You don’t need multiple AdWords tags on one page if they’re viewed by multiple audiences. If you already use AdWords and Analytics, you won’t need tags for both. Fewer tags mean faster load times – and faster load time helps user experience, improves landing page quality (a quality score factor) and may be a ranking factor.
  • You can start with a simple remarketing strategy and then refine or split out audiences when you know they’re successful.
  • When you realise only after the remarketing advertising has started that you want to exclude visitors to a particular page (like pages only converted customers will see) you can make a new audience and exclude it, easily and quickly.

On top of that, some more variations of retargeting are coming soon:

  • You’ll be able to make audiences of people with browsing histories similar to the people in your remarketing lists. This will be available “in the coming weeks”.
  • There’s a beta that allows you to customise your search ads seen by the people in your remarketing list. If you’ve got an account big enough to have its own Google manager, ask them about it.

Of course with all this innovation you still need to remember not to creep out your visitors by overdoing remarketing too much – remember to keep membership duration of audiences a reasonable time, and use a frequency cap!

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