SEO & Social Media Tips & Takeaways | SMX London 2012 |

SEO & Social Media Tips & Takeaways | SMX London 2012

By Pak Hou Cheung / May 14, 2012

The second day of SMX started with a panelist discussion on social shares, and top tips on how marketers are truly going to be influential.

Here are the top takeaways from the first morning session with more to follow later on today!

Social Shares | New Link Building from @LisaDMyers

  • Rel=Author one of the key factors of Link signals in years to come, mixing in the need of SEO & Social Media
  • If your not there already understand and begin to use Google +, as research has shown a direct correlation for companies having better SERPs because of using G+
  • The end game has not changed in terms of link building, in essence creativity is essential to build great links
  • Examples of short term Social SEO link building: post and publish blogs, articles, breaking news, infographics, competitions and interviews
  • Example of long term Social SEO link building: create a social community, developing a blog, writing white papers and making yourself seem a social authority
  • Understand your target market in making sure they will share your items, relevancy is key
  • Makes the most of what is happening now in the market

Making Waves Not Ripples: Effective Syndicatoin to Drive Social Sharing from @mrjamescarson

  • Social Shares are like links its good to have a mix not just G+, don’t just focus on what social media platform
  • Understand where you should invest your time for social media, as for different industries work better  for example:
  • Facebook better geared for big brands and the media
  • Google + and Twitter better geared for Technology
  • Reddit & Youtube caters for a wide market
  • Tumblr better geared for fashion and music
  • Pinterest better geared for gifts
  • Focus on quality of your audience who will retweet you and like you in the long term rather than just vanity figures
  • How to find your social media influencers: G+ Search, Follower Wonk & Klout
  • Create a list in understanding and segmenting your list | Step by step
  • Aiming for the big shot influencers may not be the best for you and aim for who they are influenced by!
  • Celebrity endorsement probably the best way to get celebrities to retweet and social share your brand
  • Good Tip | Within product pages create a competitions for long term social value
  • Understanding different local trends for Twitter check out
  • Even though research has shown in general people are better receptive for different social media times – your actual target social market might be better receptive at night times rather than day times
  • Ultimately game and engage with your customers for better results from your social media marketing campaign

Google+ify or die from @basvandenbeld

Discussing the similarities of key human interactions in real life social terms and how Google+ has taken this and developed the idea further:

  • The question?  How can G+ translate what people do to our social network?
  • Understand that there are essentially two uses of G+: For Users (Which Bas Discusses) & Businesses (Discussed by Kevin)
  • Google + aims to offer people: Authority, Trust, Envy, Peer Pressure, People enjoy interacting with one another
  • Authority – How Trust worthy is that person
  • Trust – Word of Mouth Marketing is key
  • Envy – People naturally are curious and are influenced by what others have and if they see it they will want it, even subliminally!
  • Interact – We enjoy interaction and socialising with one another
  • G+ is essentially growing to help better understand their users and can be seen as an “Identification Management Tool”
  • Rather than seeing G+ as a competitor to Facebook, it is not!  G+ essentially maps out and shows where everyone is connected and then brings the data together
  • Use G+ to get into the mindset of your target market and understand what they like to talk about and see who they perceive as influential

How much SEO juice do you get from Google + from @kevgibbo

Kevin Gibbons discusses the value of Google+ for businesses:

  • Used two case studies of brands using G+ signals actually lowers CTR’s – which makes sense as +1 results are often less relevant than standard listings
  • Using a Tool called Analytics Canvas found that brands with G+ brand page found a drop in 19.5% in organic traffic for those that did not use G+ & then 42.6% in organic traffic for clients who actively use Google+
  • ASOS is leading the way in terms of utilising a G+ brand page – using stats from Search Metrics found a significant uplift attributed Year on Year from the implementation of G+
  • Ultimately having a G+ page does this mean you will get better rankings and better search results? NO! G+ is just an attribution that can have an effect.
  • Read the signs quote from Greg Boser “SEO is like being a weather man” – Understand where things are going at the moment and you will be market leading
  • When opening up it seems that this is now crawlable and being indexed by Google!
  • Google Panda has made link building harder, its more about long term results now
  • 5  tips for G+ businesses – 1) Focus on great content and stop chasing the algorithm, 2) Build a great content team or you can outsource it using Pro Blogger Job Board  3) Use the Rel=Author Mark up Now! 4) Create a G+ brand page and link to your site for example Mashable 5) Share content daily, force yourself to do it!
  • Tools to check out for G+ – View your social connections, find your influencers via findpeopleonplus, Google ripples in showing the outreach of key influencers and Google Analytics information
  • Read the full slides below:

King Content versus Panda: How to Survive & Thrive with New Content Rules

Expanding on Panda and Penguin, rebounding and capitalizing on these algo changes. The speakers were:

Andy Atkins-Krueger is Group CEO at WebCertain Speakers (moderator)

Vince Blackham is director of social media at 97th floor

Stephen Croome is heads of seo delivery at seogadget

Ken Dobell is president of digital at DAC Group

Simon Penson is founder at Zazzle Media LTD

  • Semantic search means its now about more than counting links, we need to fulfill deeper personal engagement
  • Must get people to like you and not just notice you shouting in the SERPs
  • Tool rec: PAGEtorrent
  • The more specific queries are leading to higher conversions
  • SEO is not an end within itself, we must push into content solutions
  • Understanding site penalties is key, often times site owners are confused
  • “Continuum of link understanding in a penguin context” – translation: link evaluation with penguin update
  • The old evaluation of links includes count, anchor text, location of link on page, age of page, last time page was edited
  • How to best understand your links?
  • 1 -The relevance of content on page is now playing a much larger role in link evaluation
  • 2 -Density of links and keywords on page
  •  Then compare your links with competitors: where on the page are links placed?
  • Lastly is knowledge, check out your back link acquisition graph.
  • Use at least 20% branded links as minimum for
  • How to perform panda recovery
  • 1 implement a good monitoring system
  • This may include awr, gwmt, twitter, email, analytics, search metrics, Somoza
  • 2 use data to prove that shit content needs to be deleted or improved
  • 3 cleaned up the sites index that had Los of ugly URLs
  • Use no index follow and canonical
  • 4 deleted or rehomed the orphaned pages
  • 5 reorganized the navigation and internal linking
  • 6 threw away product feed descriptions so affiliates don’t create duplicates. For a few money rich products the site content were rewritten
  • 7 too many target niches, throw away. Like gifts for moms vs mums
  • 8 adding UGC to product pages, like fb comments
  • 9 use l
  • What do you need to consider with your content: Diversity freshness quality and authority
  • Content vs link buys – content is the long term win
  • Infographics rock with embedded links
  • Tool suggestion TINEYE
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