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Analytics & UX Consultancy

Our clients had over 74 million online visits in the past 12 months, so as you can imagine, we know a thing or two about measuring results.

Our expertise

Having worked with websites that attract millions of visitors, we know how to measure and interpret results, allowing you to make wise decisions when it comes to your online marketing.

Our clients’ customers spend, on average, over three minutes online at a time. Three minutes is long enough to find and book a holiday, it is long enough to learn something new, and it is long enough to buy yourself a treat. Our analytics and testing experience means that we understand what over 74 million of our clients’ visitors do with their three minutes online; that’s an awful lot of people spending an awful lot of time and the insight it gives us can be business defining.

Google Analytics services

Find new customers, communicate more effectively, move your business forward. Whatever you are trying to do, we've probably measured and analysed it before. We'll help you simplify how you set your goals, gather data, and interpret the findings.

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Reporting & Evaluation

What are you trying to achieve? The answer to this question is important. The answer allows us to set a measurable goal, we can collect the data to measure your goal, and we have the experience to review the results. Our reporting ensures accurate tracking and insightful evaluation, presented with simplicity and flexibility to fit whatever you need to do to move forwards.

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Google Analytics Training

You may have never used Google Analytics, or you might need reminding how it works. Whatever level of Google Analytics training you need, our team is equipped to deliver workshops and documentation to help give you the tools to monitor your website in real time.

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Analytics Implementation

We've helped a lot of websites get started with Google Analytics. From identifying a suitable account structure to installing the tracking code. We will assign your website to a profile, filter out unnecessary information and work with you to setup measurable goals and customised reports to help you measure your online goals, whatever they are.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Have you ever noticed how Facebook changes the position and colour of its 'sign up' button from time to time? This is the work of CRO; testing which layout, wording or other change works best. With the help of conversion rate testing, we have helped clients to make educated decisions and learn which changes make a positive difference, allowing their websites to evolve and adapt over time.

Case studies

M&G Investments - a leading UK and overseas investment manager.
Analytics, tracking and reporting.
Main Goal:
Compare performance of newly released site to its legacy counterpart.
Audley Travel - a travel agent specialising in luxury tailor-made holidays.
SEO, PPC and social media.
Main Goal:
Increase search visibility for more keywords and improve online conversions.

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