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Paid Media Training

With almost a decade of experience in paid media, the team at White have the knowledge and qualifications to get you up to speed with Google AdWords and other advertising platforms.

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“I found the Adwords and Analytics training by White, professional, accessible and extremely useful to developing our digital marketing strategy. Jason, the trainer, was very knowledgeable, but at no point did he over-complicate things or talk in another language. He was an excellent teacher, skilled at making complicated ideas simple. As the training was very practical, FitzRoy are now able to start developing digital advertising campaigns, an impressive result.”

- Beth Vaughan, Marketing Manager, FitzRoy

Our expertise

We know what it takes to get the most from Google AdWords, and we are eager to share this knowledge with you and your team. Whether you are looking to start advertising in the near future, or simply want to improve your skills to take your campaigns to the next level, you can trust us to help.

And as we have qualifications in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing and Marin Software, we can assist you to become qualified in these powerful digital marketing software solutions too.

Search Fundamentals

If you are just starting out in paid media, our search fundamentals workshop could be a great tool for your business. We cover important aspects including the search opportunity, the challenge of being found online, and the anatomy of a search result, before we move on to paid search and analytics fundamentals.

Introduction to Google AdWords

Our introduction to Google AdWords workshop is often carried out on the same day as our search fundamentals workshop. You will learn all about the AdWords interface, and the basics behind opening your first account and starting a campaigns, before looking at keywords, ad copy, landing pages and bidding methods.

Intermediate & Advanced AdWords

If you want a better understanding of Google AdWords, our intermediate and advanced workshops will delve into search queries and intent, negative keywords, dynamic keyword insertion, and ad testing. We will advise you on the ways to increase quality score, and how to improve your location targeting.

Custom Workshops

For a workshop or course that is tailored to your own needs, speak to us about how we can help. Our training can be customised for all levels of ability by picking elements as described above, and we are also able to provide guidance for display, social media and video advertising platforms.

Search fundamental training includes

  • Introduction to search
  • The search opportunity
  • Psychology of search
  • The challenge of being found
  • Anatomy of a search result (SERP)
  • Paid search fundamentals
  • Analytics fundamentals

Introduction to Google AdWords training includes

  • AdWords interface tour
  • How ads are displayed
  • How to optimise landing pages
  • How to write great ad copy
  • How to increase quality score (QS)
  • Paid search jargon busted
  • Opening your first account
  • How to determine KPIs
  • Account structure
  • Campaign settings
  • Creating your first campaign
  • Keyword match types explained
  • Negative keywords
  • Location targeting
  • Defining Googles network
  • A look into device types
  • Introduction to bidding methods
  • Keyword methodology
  • Basic account optimisation
  • Bid management
  • Ad extensions
  • Setting and reporting goals
  • Basic analysis
  • Google display network

Intermediate and advanced AdWords training includes

  • Account structure & organisation
  • Search query and intent
  • Successful keyword optimisation
  • Using negatives to control ad serving
  • Bidding strategies
  • Using Google Analytics effectively
  • Create effective ad copy
  • Advanced quality score
  • AdWords editor explained
  • YouTube (TrueView) advertising
  • Google Display Network (GDN) & remarketing
  • Paths to conversion, attribution and assists
  • Mobile & tablet strategy
  • Multi-channel funnel attribution

Our services

Speak to us about standard, advanced or custom training workshops to improve your paid media advertising.

Auditing and Consultancy

When you are looking to take your paid media campaigns, whether in-house or agency managed, to the next level, it’s important to get an experienced third-party to assess current performance. Our audititing and consultancy service could provide invaluable insights into your account performance and where things could be optimised to increase your ROI.

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Display and Retargeting

Covering a range of formats including text and images – both animated and static – we can help you to deliver your brand messages to the right users all across the web. Whether you want to re-engage with users who have interacted with your website, or want to attract new visitors and customers, our display and retargeting services can make the difference to your business.

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Google Ad Grants For Charities

Are you a not-for-profit organisation? Then you may qualify for the Google Grants For Charities scheme and benefit of between $20-40K per month in in-kind AdWords™ advertising, to promote your missions and initiatives on Google. Let us do the hard work for you from submitting your application to management of your Google Ad grant account.

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Google Shopping & Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

If you want to drive more conversions through your E-Commerce store, rely on our wealth of experience in Google Shopping. A tried and tested way to display your products in the search engine results, we aim to achieve a greater click-through rate to your website from a highly optimised merchant feed.

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PPC Management

Those who sit still in paid search soon fall behind. The results of our testing are quickly fed into your account so you soon see the benefits. We also continuously monitor the amount you are bidding for each keyword, squeezing the maximum possible margin of each ad group with a balance of spend, visibility and market share.

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Social Media and Video Advertising

Utilising a range of platforms across the social media and video landscape, we can further the reach and awareness of your brand, as well as encouraging direct engagement with it too. Let us help you to discover a new and untapped audience through our intelligent targeting.

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Case Studies

Main Goal:
S&B Commercials - the largest Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle dealer in the UK.
PPC Project
Main Goal:
Improve PPC account performance by demonstrating a delivery in increased ROI.

Looking for something else?

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Analytics & UX Consultancy

Working with clients that get millions of visitors in a year, if there is a goal you need to measure, or an insight you need to gather, chances are we have done it before.

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Branded Content

Whatever your online goals, content can help you get there, and our team of writers and creative marketers have helped many sites unlock their potential.

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Search Engine Optimisation

We are passionate about helping you to build and expand your business, not a set of shaky search engine rankings. Our skilled SEO team is well-versed in taking businesses to the next level.

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Social Media

Our Social Media services combine intelligence, best practice and creative strategy to help your brand engage and expand its community, and reach its target audience.

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