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The 7 Most Important Metrics for Bloggers

By Patrick Altoft / January 10, 2008

Feed subscribers
Google now owns the single most accurate metric for measuring the size of blogs. Feedburner feed subscribers count has become a hard currency in valuing blogs and determining how reputable they are. I’ve been guilty in the past of subscribing to a blog on the basis that if thousands of other people do the content must be worth it.

Use the graph in your Feedburner dashboard as well as tools such as this one to examine your stats more deeply. Is there an upward trend? Are you happy with the rate you are attracting new readers?

Page views per visitor
User engagement and the number of pages viewed per visitor are extremely important statistics. If all your readers are leaving within 30 seconds and only viewing 1 or 2 pages per visit it shows that your content could do with expanding. Some blogs naturally have longer visitor sessions than others s try to take a look at the stats of some other blogs in your niche to see how yours compares.

Unique visitors per day
My favourite statistic is the number of unique visitors per day a site is getting, usually this is fairly static for normal sites but for blogs it can vary from 500 one day to 50,000 the next. Look at the stats for days without big peaks from social media and try to spot any underlying trends to the data. Ideally you should see growth every month, excluding large social media spikes.

Referrals from Google per day
Looking at the number of people finding your site through Google each day is the best way to track your SEO efforts. Check to see how the trend changes over time and drill down to specific keywords whenever you see a spike or drop in traffic. Any significant decline is probably due to Google losing trust in your site and is a sure sign that you should make sure you are adhering to the webmaster guidelines and building high quality trusted links.

Backlinks according to Yahoo
All sites should see a steady increase in the number of people linking to them as they age and their reach grows. Watch how the number of links shoots up whenever you carry out some aggressive marketing and check that your link profile contains as many high quality editorially granted links as possible.

Technorati authority and ranking
Technorati is the most accurate method of tracking which blogs have been writing about you in the last 6 months. Make sure your ranking is always getting better and that your recent reactions page is full of real blogs making real comments about you.

Average number of comments per blog post
Some low quality blogs get lots of comments whereas others of exceptional quality get very few so this is somewhat of a difficult area. However, in general, if you are getting more comments on your recent posts compared to a few months ago that is a good thing. Plot a graph of the number of comments your posts have got and see what it looks like, be careful of the data as some old posts with good search engine rankings might have a lot of comments to skew the data.

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