The Twitter Hype is Over |

The Twitter Hype is Over

By Tad Chef / July 6, 2010

Dear Readers, at the end of last week I haven’t published the “Twitter weekly” column. This time it was no poor time management issue. I did it on purpose. The week before I had written a highly popular “Twitter weekly” post but it was the last of its sort. Why?

The Twitter hype is over!

Twitter has peaked usage and traffic-wise in January, or maybe even earlier. That’s not the main reason though. Also Google Trends still shows an increase. We had started publishing the Twitter column when Twitter traffic had been far less significant. No, the real reason are Twitter news or rather non-news.

The week before last week I really had to deal with baseless rumors and to spice them up with some exaggerated colloquial language. While it was fun I realized that’s it’s not a tabloid here. I don’t want to sound like a jerk just to hide the fact that there is nothing of importance to report or analyze.

Sure there are Twitter news and developments you could write about but they are daily business of a second rate player.

Twitter is big but not as crucial as Google and Facebook

and by now I have the impression that the time spend on covering Twitter is unjustified. I will keep on writing concise posts about Google, Facebook and Twitter or whomever will be most deserving at a given moment. There is no need for a weekly Twitter column anymore though.

That’s OK. The Web landscape is ever changing and you have to react quickly. My nickname wouldn’t be “onreact” if I would ignore the changes.

Is Twitter negligible now? No.

Will I quit Twitter? No. Does Twitter marketing and SEO still make sense? Yes.

I will keep on using Twitter daily at least once daily but i want exclusively focus my writing habits on that subject. The hype is over. That’s a good thing. Covering Twitter’s business consolidation is no fun though.

They keep on alienating users, developers. They hide their numbers and practice corporate newspeak (like “promoted tweets” for ads). I’ve searched Topsy for the most popular results on Twitter in the last month and I couldn’t find something really relevant. So I’ll shut up. I won’t try to revive a dead hype myself.

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