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The Value of AdWords Brand Bidding

By Richard Fergie / May 25, 2010

In my last post I talked about a method for testing the value of using AdWords on your brand.

The results are now in:

  • Average Hourly Revenue from brand keywords when Running AdWords: £3471
  • Average Hourly Revenue from brand keywords without AdWords: £3278
  • Average Hourly Cost of brand keywords: £0.86



Traffic in this account varies quite a lot depending on the day of the week so I chose to segment by hour rather than day of the week. I wanted to keep the slices as fine as possible to reduce the variation caused by the time of day so I used the following day parting scheme:

I waited a month before analysing the data; for this account a month is plenty of time for the result to be statistically significant.

To get the information I needed I opened the Total Revenue part of the Ecommerce Report in Google Analytics.

After exporting the information to Excel I could easily find the averages that I needed. To make the test as fair as possible I only looked at the hours between 1600 and midnight. This may mean that my results are invalid during the rest of the day

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