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Top 10 Reasons Why Every SEM Needs an iPad

By Kelvin Newman / June 22, 2010

Last weekend I finally convinced myself to buy an iPad, after a few weeks of trying to figure out if I actually needed one.

I know I’m not the only one – and there’s probably a lot of people in the search industry who are currently contemplating the same decision, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate a few extra reasons you convince yourself that an iPad is essential!

1) How do you advertise on an iPad?

This is a question I was asked last week. The right answer may be that they don’t need an iPad app and they don’t need to think about marketing any differently just yet. But as a search marketer you should be aware and able to respond to your client, letting them know how the iPad may potentially change the game.

2) Why doesn’t your clients great flash-based site not convert as well on an iPad?!

The popularity of the iPad so far is incredible, you need to make sure users can browse clients (and your own) website in the same way they would normally.

3) Tweetdeck

Twitter is now essential for most SEM’s. Tweetdeck on the iPad is so much better than using a phone, so when you’re at home or on the train it’s far easier to use – and it saves booting up your laptop. It’s also makes it much easier when tweeting from conferences, instead of carrying around a laptop or slowly typing away on a phone.

4) Google Analytics app

Without Flash, Google Analytics isn’t quite as good on the web. So the Analytics app really helps here – very surprisingly AdWords doesn’t work very well at all on the iPad yet. I’m sure that’s something Google will be planning to fix quickly.

5) Email

I find the iPhone great for reading emails on the move, but it’s a bit too small to send long responses or to organise emails into folders. The iPad makes this much easier.

6) Amazon Kindle/iBooks

I’ve recently written a post on the top 12 books every SEM needs to read, it’s not always easy to have these available when you have a spare 20 minutes to read though. Using iBooks or the Amazon Kindle makes this far easier, removing the need to carry around a book. The Winnie the Pooh book was preloaded on the iPad – honest!

7) Reeder

I’ve found that I subscribe to and read blogs far less frequently these days. But by being able to star/share articles in Google Reader which I’m interesting in and coming back to read them later is really useful. There’s also the read it later app too, which I haven’t used yet but it does look to be very good.

8) Keynote

Don’t worry about taking your laptop to that client meeting for a presentation. Keynote on the iPad is far better!

9) Things

I’ve written before about the importance of organisation and GTD for a search marketer. Things is great for organising tasks and key projects, plus you can sync this across your Mac, iPhone and iPad – making it easier to stay up-to-date on the move.

10) Blogging

The WordPress app is a great way of writing blog posts when you’re not at your PC or laptop. Again, for us search engine marketers (SEM’s) it’s a great tool to use at conferences – making it easier to live-blog or type up notes.

11) A bonus reason – it’s pretty cool!

Watching HD YouTube videos, the BBC iPlayer and IMDB app film trailers is much better on the iPad – plus it’s a great way to read the newspaper on a Sunday morning!

So there you have it, no excuses now – you’re not just being an Apple addict and it’s a completely necessary part of your SEM toolkit!

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