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Top 10 tips & things you need to know about AdWords Remarketing

By Rob Hillyard / August 17, 2010

This is a guest post from Rob Hillyard at Return on Digital.

  1. Create a brand new campaign for Remarketing. This will enable you to monitor how everything is doing much easier than running it within an existing campaign.
  2. You need at least 500 people in your target list before Google will start to show your ads. Depending on how much traffic your site gets and who you are targeting, it could take a couple of days before you see any traffic.
  3. Image ads work best. Make sure you include all the possible image sizes to allow your ads to receive the largest amount of impressions possible.
  4. Use a different message than your standard ads to bring the users back to your site. This is your second chance to convert the visitor into a customer. Special offers / discounts work well.
  5. If you include an offer in your ad make sure you mirror this offer on your landing page.
  6. Plan who you want to remarket to. You need to know your strategy before you start your implementation.
  7. A Good place to start is to remarket to people who visited your site but didn’t convert.
  8. Control how long people will see your remarketing ads for. Being constantly targeted by one advertiser can be annoying and you don’t want to put people off your brand.
  9. Your ads may be displayed on sites that wouldn’t normally be seen as relevant. This is ok. Users are targeted based on previous interactions with your site rather than the content of the website.
  10. Your ads will follow your users around sites within the Google Content Network. This can be quite annoying. Consider allowing users to opt out.

For the full guide on how to set up Remarketing, check out this post.

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