Top SEOptimise posts in September... |

Top SEOptimise posts in September...

By Kelly Barrass / October 3, 2011

September was a very busy month on the SEOptimise blog – so here’s a monthly recap, just incase you missed any of top posts – ordered by number of retweets.

Top 12 SEOptimise posts in September:

  1. 30 Google SERP Changes That Impact Your SEO Strategy by Tad Chef – 224 Tweets
  2. 74% of SEOs Buy (or Would Consider Buying) Links! by Kevin Gibbons – 172 Tweets
  3. International SEO Strategy – Domains, Subdomains or Subfolders? by Kevin Gibbons – 149 Tweets
  4. 5 Low Profile/New SEO Tools You Should be Using by Matthew Taylor – 136 Tweets
  5. Top 10 Retail SEO Mistakes UK Brands Are Still Making by Kevin Gibbons – 124 Tweets
  6. How to Write a Social Media Audit by Marcus Taylor – 124 Tweets
  7. SEO Metrics Everybody Can Use – 124 by Daniel Bianchini – 122 Tweets
  8. 44 Google Webmaster Tools Resources by Tad Chef – 121 Tweets
  9. Klout Score Optimisation or Influencer SEO by Tad Chef – 103 Tweets
  10. Facebook Insights for Domains – Measuring Social Media Success by Shaad Hamid – 74 Tweets
  11. How to Pass the Google Analytics Exam by Mike Browne – 62 Tweets
  12. 9 Ways to Sharpen Up Your Paid Search by Tamsin Mehew – 56 Tweets

Around the web…
In addition to the SEOptimise blog, we have also published the following posts around the web too:

  1. How to Help SEO Customers Who Aren’t Always Right by Kevin Gibbons on Search Engine Watch – 357 Tweets
  2. 50 search marketing tips for beginners by Kevin Gibbons on Econsultancy – 297 Tweets
  3. Four Ways to Optimise Social Sharing on Your Website by Marcus Taylor on State of Search – 32 Tweets
  4. Ask the experts: Blogging to boost your career prospects with Kevin Gibbons on the Guardian

Lots more in October…
We’ve got lots more planned for October, so stay tuned. Plus in October, myself and Dan will be presenting at A4UExpo London and we’ll also be attending Econsultancy’s Jump conference – so make sure you see us there too!

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