Twitter Friday: 4 Ways to Find out who Tweets about Your Blog or Site |

Twitter Friday: 4 Ways to Find out who Tweets about Your Blog or Site

By Tad Chef / July 10, 2009

We’re used from social media sites that we can look up quickly how well we perform on them. Whether it’s a front page like on Delicious or a review page like on StumbleUpon, it takes just a look at a page or two to find out. With Twitter it gets a little tricky. Tweets disappear almost as fast as they see the light of day, within minutes. Also we usually only see the tweets of the people we follow.

So how to find out who else is tweeting about your blog or site?

Twitter search only finds URLs that are NOT shortened, as most are, it doesn’t find many. So we need extra tools to determine our popularity on Twitter. here they are:

Social Media for Firefox extension
This is a must use add on for social media mavens. Sadly I couldn’t make it work for Twitter on my Firefox though. All other services work fine with me.

TBUZZ bookmarklet
This bookmarklet let’s you check quickly who tweeted about your page but sadly it counts only a small part of the overall tweets.

BackType Tweetcount plugin for WordPress
You can install this Backtype tool with a button on your WordPress blog.

Twitturly search
This popular social news interface for Twitter also has a good search functionality. Check this URL search for our latest mobile SEO post.

Do you know any other tools that allow to find out who tweets about a particular URL? None of these tools is the perfect solution yet. I’m still looking for one that surpasses all of them.

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