Twitter Friday on Tuesday: Twitter Demographics Surprise & Digg Hijack |

Twitter Friday on Tuesday: Twitter Demographics Surprise & Digg Hijack

By Tad Chef / April 14, 2009

During Easter Twitter Friday took a day off. Thus Tuesday is the new Friday but just this time. This week we’ll return to the norm by posting the next Twitter Friday on the day you’d expect it.

Two things caught my attention last week: A comScore post about Twitter demographics and the drawbacks of the latest Digg feature, one that hijacks your website.

Twitter is not geeky
Twitter traffic skyrockets even more than before according to comScore. The most interesting question is though: Who’s responsible for the latest Twitter traffic surge? Not your usual suspects. Not the 18 to 24 year old geeks you and the statisticians expected.

“Older” people like me any you use Twitter. Unlike Digg – the typical geek hangout – Twitter is mainstream in the best sense of it: People of “business age” as I’d like to call it use Twitter. This is the latest in a long line of proofs that Twitter is not just a fad but a place where sooner or later everybody will “hang out”. Twitter is a tool like a hammer. Whether you’re an artisan or not you should know how to use it.

Digg hijacks your website
Remember? A few weeks ago a Hitwise reports showed that Twitter excelled Digg traffic, the darling of Internet pundits a few years ago. The Digg founder Kevin Rose doesn’t give up yet like he did with his Twitter competitor Pownce. He wants to capitalize an Twitter. How that?

Kevin Rose steals your traffic and Google juice by basically hijacking your website.

It’s not my idea to complain about the latest move by SEO hater Kevin Rose, he’s been under fire for a week by the most important blogs and Web 2.0 publications out there. Some of them already block the DiggBar to prevent the hijacking of their content. What does this DiggBar basically do? It’s an iFrame, an ages old JavaScript relic often used by scammers to hijack or corrupt a site.

The iFrame has been more often abused than used and thus Google ignores iFrame content altogether to prevent spam. What happens now is that Digg is overtaking your page by mimicking a short URL service.

Instead of just redirecting your page like TinyURL does they not only display your content in the iFrame section of it while in the URL bar you see the Digg address. The visitor also gets send away from your site: A “random” button and several other features lure him away from clicking a link on your page. Last but not least the DiggBar is an SEO nightmare:

  • It steals your Google juice,
  • it makes people bookmark
  • and link the Digg frame instead of your page

For SEO and marketing blogs Digg does not make sense anyways as those topics, especially SEO are banned or auto-buried on Digg so here the only correct reaction to this hijack attempt is to block it, here’s a way to block the DiggBar.

New Twitter marketing blog
I don’t want to end this post with a rant. I also discovered a new promising Twitter marketing blog called Tweamr . It’s following the example of Problogger’s TwiTip. What I like most about it is that the author does not shy away from controversy as the post “fool says Twitter is not for every small business” exemplifies.

See you on Friday again!

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