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Twitter Friday: Twitter Lists Galore!

By Tad Chef / October 30, 2009

A lot has happened on and around Twitter since I left for a week. All those news pale in comparison to the introduction of native lists on Twitter.

We’ve used groups on advanced Twitter clients like TweetDeck and Seesmic already but this week Twitter lists went live for everybody on the Web interface at

The introduction of lists has been a wise move by Twitter for many reasons.

Twitter lists result in people who use Twitter apps of all kinds returning to the actual website and generate page views and clicks.

Also these lists are more than the groups we could use within Twitter clients.

  1. You can share these lists when they are public.
  2. You can subscribe to public lists.
  3. You can see who’s on them.
  4. You can see on how many lists you appear.
  5. You can link to lists
  6. You can invite people to join lists.

Some features you’d expect are missing as of now though:

  1. You can’t leave lists, other put you on them.
  2. You can’t join lists, only others can make you join.
  3. You can’t address lists e.g. only tweet something to a list.
  4. You can’t see whether you see a tweet based on a list subscription or because you follow that person.

Nonetheless there seems to be a real frenzy over the lists and a high adoption rate especially in the SEO industry. I ended up on a 12 lists within hours of the appearance of lists and by now the number has tripled. Other, more popular tweeple sport memberships in dozens or even hundreds of lists by now.

Are lists the new follower count? Probably, but that’s not all. Lists are a very effective tool to organize information. On Twitter they allow you to organize sources of information. These sources are people so you list people you follow.

We already can witness

Indeed lists are a really useful addition to the Twitter experience especially in case you tweet for business reasons. You can now group your employees or subscribe to whole new segments of the Twitter population. 

  • Do you use lists already?
  • Are there ways to use Twitter lists we haven’t covered yet?
  • How can you use Twitter lists for SEO?

Tell us about it!

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