Twitter Friday: Twitter Search Craze |

Twitter Friday: Twitter Search Craze

By Tad Chef / March 13, 2009

This week Twitter search was the number one topic in the Twittersphere.

Mainly for 3 reasons:

  1. Twitter began to roll out or rather pop out search integration for some accounts
  2. A GreaseMonkey Script adds Twitter search to your Google results
  3. Some people perceive a threat for Google in Twitter search

Let’s take a look. I haven’t seen this new search functionality on my account. I don’t need it though. Using the PowerTwitter extension I already have an enhanced Twitter search on my Twitter page.

The GreaseMonkey script that adds “real time” Twitter search results above your regular Google results is a good idea but after using it for a week I can only say: The results are only sometimes useful. I checked them often and clicked quite a few to get disappointed in many cases.

Is Twitter the “new Google killer”? Well, I can only exclaim “LOL”. Sorry for this childish sounding reaction but it’s the only one that fits. It’s like saying that bikes are a threat for the car manufacturers.

Is the future of Twitter all search? Even this claim is largely an exaggeration. Staying down to earth the new Twitter search development just mean:

Twitter is going to add an overdue feature to its tool that is considered standard elsewhere.

Microblogging and Twitter are no threat for Google whatsoever, they are a useful addition at best, a distraction in the worst case.

Twitter is great for a lot of things especially for business be it branding, social networking, spreading the word or even direct sales. There is no reason to think that Twitter will soon replace Google, Windows or Firefox though. The only thing it can replace to some extent is full fledged blogging. Microblogging is just easier and faster so that information spreads quicker on Twitter. Now is the time to add Twitter to your blog to combine the advantages of both.

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