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Twitter Optimization Series Part 1: Top 10 Knock Out Criteria Why I Won't Follow You Back on Twitter

By Tad Chef / December 19, 2008

By now everybody serious about social networking agrees that you have to be on Twitter .

OK, I’ve been on Twitter for a few months now and I admit to tweeting almost daily. I use Twitter mostly for business blogging reasons and have roughly 470 followers by now just due to my blogging and tweeting activity. So I’m not a Twitter superstar but not a newbie either.

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Lately more and more people follow me who I have never heard of before. As I follow roughly 400 people myself I can’t follow everybody “back” in order not to lose track of my many virtual Twitter friends. There already is some serious information overload bugging me.

Thus I have developed a quick assessment technique whether I should follow people or not. There are lots of criteria to do so but there are also reasons that prevent me from following people. These are the top 10 knock out criteria why I won’t follow you back on Twitter:

  1. No avatar image, I will assume you’re a spammer or not serious about Twitter
  2. Logo instead of avatar, unless I know you or am a user of your product or fan already
  3. No homepage link as I have no way to know whether I’m interested in you
  4. Just company name and no person behind it unless I’m already a fan, client or work with you
  5. Twice as many following than followers as it seems that you aren’t popular among those you follow
  6. No description of yourself, as I don’t know who you are and why I should follow you then
  7. Not tweeting in English, or more than 50% non-English as I don’t understand or if I do my followers won’t
  8. Below 50 followers as I assume there is no real commitment on your side
  9. Newest tweet older than a week or no regular tweets at all because you appear to be inactive
  10. Too sexy and too young female or celebrity avatar, as of course I don’t believe you that it’s you

In some cases just one or two of those won’t make me run away, for instance if you’re an SEO or social media blogger and have below 50 followers and no description I will probably follow you anyways.

As the headline suggest: This is part one of an ongoing Twitter optimization series that starts with this post. The big success of our 30 Twitter tools post convinced SEOptimise to follow up on using Twitter for business.

Most people seem to agree that you need as many followers on Twitter as possible while some stress that not the quantity but the quality of conversation is crucial. That’s why I stress the reciprocal connection or friendship.

Only if those you follow also follow you “back” you will end having a conversation. Otherwise it won’t work. It will end up being a frustrating monologue.

In Part 2 of the Twitter optimization series we will take a look at reasons why I will un-follow you after a while.

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