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White Exchange 2014 'Turning Data into Strategy'

24/11/201410:00 - 16:00The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

White welcomes over 100 delegates to The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Our digital marketing and e-commerce platforms, marketing tools and channels tirelessly generate data on a second by second basis, and as a result it has become ever more challenging to wade through this sea of data identifying the insightful nuggets from the background noise. At White Exchange  we are focusing on “Turning Data into Strategy” by looking at ways to identify these nuggets and translating them into actionable intelligence. We hope you will gain some interesting insights and a set of valuable takeaways. Our speakers come from a cross section of the digital and data landscape, each with their own focus but all with valuable experience and thoughts we can benefit from.

The range and quality of the presentations was excellent. A very effective way of gaining a lot of insight in such an inspiring location”

– Chris Jones, Founder & CEO Digital Home Engineering


Jason Denny
Jonathan Alderson
Daniel Bianchini
Geoffrey Roberts
John Morton


JON MYERS VP & Managing Director EMEA, Marin Software @jondmyers

5 Key Trends on the Use of Data in Online Advertising

Change is the only constant in the online advertising industry and when competition is breathing down your neck, it is never a bad thing to take a quick look around the corner, In this session Marin Software’s Jon Myers will take a look at five of the next big changes set to take the industry by storm, including shake-ups to how search and display will be targeted, the effects of increased social and mobile use, and how the offline world will optimise the online world, as well as tips on how to future-proof your business in advance.

JASON DENNY PPC Consultant, White @black_hawk204

Identifying data to fuel your PPC strategy

The end goal to a PPC campaign is often to drive brand awareness, sales, sign-ups and downloads, But more often than not, we do not analyse the data available to us to optimise and drive a successful strategy to reach this goal. Jason will be talking through some of the key areas where data can be analysed and built into a successful PPC strategy.

JONATHAN ALDERSON Head of Insight, Linkdex @jonoalderson

Digital Marketing by Numbers

The biggest challenge in becoming truly data driven is one of language and process. My framework for aligning strategic business objectives to tactical activity and tailored KPIs ensures that senior stakeholders have confidence that recommendations align to organisational goals, that efforts are measurable and produce tangible outputs, and that the whole process is simple and transparent. Tried and tested by some of the world’s largest organisations, the framework can transform companies
and put data at the heart of the decision-making process.

DANIEL BIANCHINI Director of Services, White @danielbianchini

4 steps to building a data-driven strategy

Digital marketing is one of the most data heavy industries around, yet we as marketers are not always utilising it to drive decisions. To help you to build a successful data-driven strategy, Daniel will be sharing his 4 integral steps for collating the information you need.

GEOFFREY ROBERTS Founder & CEO, Democrata @DemocrataUK

How music, data, and technology help us get closer to the consumer

Geoffrey Roberts got involved in digital music in 1999 and ended up on a journey that took him via a Peter Gabriel start up to Nokia. He managed one of worlds’ largest digital music catalogues and developed products and proprietary systems that supported services in over 40 countries including China, the US, Europe and India. In an industry with no metadata standards, complicated rights holder licensing landscapes and where every country has a different take on the same thing, he will talk about how he coped with such huge volumes of data from systems and consumers and how he overcame the issues inherent in the domain. At Nokia his data science team worked to reduce supply chain costs, understand consumers musical ‘DNA’ and create personalised user interfaces and experiences. Whilst working with Nokia research centre he worked on some leading edge projects that use all of the sensors in a mobile phone to better understand the consumer, reduce costs and increase revenues.


The day was rounded off with an invitation to all the speakers to take part in a panel discussion about the future of data. Big Data Advisor for CPM, John Morton, accompanied the speakers on the panel. John specialises in delivering complex insight for decision makers in solutions like loyalty, rogue trading, grey market assessment, motivation analytics and recommendation engines. John is currently working with a number of companies on creating data equity and disrupting traditional operating models through using data. John was previously CTO with SAS and Intel creating new Internet of Things and Predictive Enterprise solutions. His experience includes large transformation programmes that deliver omni-channel integration driven from data in Global Customer relationship Management and engagement strategies.


Drinks were then served in the Money Gallery, which hosts one of Britain’s largest collections of money, coins and medals. A sense of excitement for discovery and fascination amongst the delegates was evoked being surrounded by these historical pieces.

With the museum being closed to the public for the event, delegates of White Exchange had the opportunity to browse and admire all that the Ashmolean has to offer.

“A museum may seem staid and stuffy, however a White light was shone on how marketing practitioners can drive deeper customer engagements, inhibit competitors and grow their business at the White Exchange ‘Turning Data into Strategy’ event. The speakers were insightful, the audience engaged, with many pragmatic topics raised in the Q&A sessions. Look forward to the next White event!”

–  John Morton, Big Data Advisor, CPM

Here are some pictures of the event

Venue and Parking

Ashmolean Museum
Beaumont Street
Oxford OX1 2PH
United Kingdom

The train station is approximately 10 minutes walk from the museum and has regular local and national services.

The bus station is approximately 5 minutes walk from the Museum.

Park and Ride. Parking in the city centre is limited and visitors arriving by car are advised to use the Park and Ride service. Fast and frequent services link 5 car parks adjacent to the Ring Road with the city centre.

There are 9 designated disabled parking spaces within easy reach of the Museum: 3 spaces directly outside the Museum, 3 more opposite the Museum close to the Randolph Hotel, 2 spaces on St Giles and 1 space on St John’s Street.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an invitation to attend White Exchange?

No, you can register for your ticket through our website or through Eventbrite. However, tickets are limited so make sure you register in time.

Do I have to pay to attend White Exchange?

No, White Exchange is a free event.

Will there be Wifi available on the day?

Yes, Wifi will be provided in the conference area.

Is there wheelchair access?

Yes, the Ashmolean provides wheelchair access to the museum. There are also 9 disabled parking spaces available within easy reach of the museum.

Is lunch and tea/coffee provided?

Yes, lunch, tea/coffee and drinks are provided by White at no cost.

Can I buy tickets for myself and my colleagues?

Yes, you can order up to 10 tickets for friends and colleagues.

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