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White.net Tenth Year Updates

By Stuart Tofts / October 11, 2017

We’ve had a brilliant ten years at White.net. Lots of ups, a few downs, and over those years we have had a great time working on amazing projects with fantastic people.

We’ve evolved continuously as a business and learnt a lot through our experiences. In our 10th year, it’s time for us to do a bit more evolving. From a company that had its roots in my spare bedroom, to a 20 person office on the Oxford Science Park, through to the change of our main location from Oxford to Angel in London – we’ve experienced a lot.

We’ve found our home in London

Although moving the primary operation of the business to London was an intense project, we’re now somewhere that feels like home, so all that effort, carrying stuff and trying to work out what setup I’d done in the past for the IT systems and how to replicate in the new offices was worth it. Our new office in Angel is a fun and inspirational environment which suits us, with a Moroccan themed bar in the basement to beach huts for meeting rooms on the top floor.

We’ve enjoyed some fantastic successes, appearing in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 two years in a row, placing in the top 10 in the first year was incredible – a particular highlight amongst many. It had become clear in 2016 that the market was changing and as a company we needed to adapt. The move to London was part of this need to evolve. We had always been able to produce exceptional work, but although Oxford was an excellent place to recruit super bright graduates, it was always a struggle to find enough people for more senior roles. As well as staff recruitment, London has enabled us to be closer to our clients, whether they are in London, or outside London through the transport links. It has also allowed us to be more involved with industry events.

We continue to recruit passionate, knowledgeable staff

With the move to London, we have been able to recruit some amazing people – in the last couple of months we’ve added four people to our team, all of whom have brought a knowledge and energy to the company I can truly say has inspired me.

Hannah Thorpe becomes Managing Director

One of the people who had a significant influence and enabled the evolution was Hannah Thorpe, who joined us in Oxford in 2016. Hannah founded the London office at the end of 2015. Since then she has helped drive the company forward, creating an organisation that is well suited for the future of our industry and the broader marketing industry.

Hannah’s understanding of business has always been exceptional, and the comprehension of how we needed to develop was evident from the very start of her joining us. I’ve also been inspired by Hannah’s dedication to the subject and desire to absorb and seek out any information that is available on the subject. Her knowledge is supported by a work ethic that I have rarely seen before.

So as we prepare for our next chapter as a business, we are making a few changes: For Hannah, having exceeded all expectations, and after a year of knowing that she needed more responsibility within the business, it is now time to move her role from a Director to Managing Director. An exceptional achievement for someone under 25, but based on ability, an excellent move for the company.

I’ll be taking up a Chairman role, so I will be less involved in the day to day management, which will free me up to support the whole organisation while exploring other ideas. With a strong team, including Hannah, some exceptional heads of departments and a set of staff I can only say are beyond brilliant; we are very well set to continue the growth we’ve experienced over the past six months.

Stuart Tofts


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