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Business Guide to Blogging

March 6, 2015

Blogging isn’t a passing fashion; it’s become a fundamental part of maintaining and building online brand identity for businesses of every shape and size. It has worked incredibly well for us over the years, helping to grow White into the business it is today and gaining us recognition from far and wide – even an industry award. In this guide, we want to show how a blog can work wonders for your business too, boosting your traffic and building your brand. We’ve tried to keep it as accessible and non-technical as possible so that you can see how quickly and easily you could make a corporate blog work for you

Business Guide To Blogging

What you can find inside?

Writing for the web is different than writing for print, an offline brochure, or an email, and it’s a new skill that you’ll need to work at. People read differently online. Most importantly, they are much less committed to the content. They haven’t paid for it (usually) and have probably just clicked through to it. Bore them or offend them and they’ll simply click away again. Don’t worry, industry-specific blog posts don’t have to be interesting to the wider community, just to your target audience!

Within the whitepaper we look at the following areas to help with your business blogging:

  • Building authority & personality
  • Getting the right blend between sales and information
  • Design, commenting and promtotion
  • Headlines, content and URL structure.

Whitepaper highlights

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