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Camping & Outdoor Market Report

July 9, 2015

To attract the growing number of outdoors enthusiasts, makers and retailers of outdoors clothing are using creative and sophisticated approaches to attract, engage and retain the custom of the modern adventurer. Driven by the curiosity to find out how brands like Go Outdoors, Sports Direct, Blacks and Cotswold Outdoors are embracing their mission to sell and drive further customer discovery, we conducted analysis of an outdoor clothing and camping market. We examined a breadth of digital marketing activities ranging from organic visibility strategies and branded content to social media, to discover what is working and where there is room for improvement.

Why this sector?

As the UK is the second largest outdoor market within Europe, British retailers compete with one another to keep up its presence in this highly attractive yet full of challenges and dynamic market. With the pressure to meet consumers changing shopping habits, strategies like strong online visibility, e-commerce and social media became a catalysts to drive further opportunities and meet requirements from outdoor consumers who are always on the hunt for a unique experience.

Market Report Highlights

What can you find inside?

This report offers a detail insight into the digital presence of top major UK players such as Go Outdoors, Sports Direct, Blacks and Cotswold Outdoors. With an aim to discover how they use search engine marketing, content and social media, we took an in depth look at their visibility, domain strengths and engagement tactics.

The report offer strategic industry analysis aimed to inspire other retailers and marketers out there with SEO, content and social media approaches which may lead to further business progression.

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