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Furniture Market Report

April 10, 2015

Its around this time of year that Spring cleaning really starts. You start to evaluate how your house looks, hire a skip and throw old junk away, then comes a bit of DIY and then comes the desire to purchase new furniture to fit in with the new style of your rooms. All this leads us nicely into why we’ve decided to release a new sector report, this time looking at the furniture market.


Furniture Market Report

Why this sector?

Consumer expenditure on furniture and furnishings reached a massive £12.6bn in 2013, however, the online portion of this market has always been smaller than that of other retail markets. That’s why we decided to take  a closer look into this sector in order to determine who is doing well at convincing consumers to make large purchases online, and who is falling behind.

We have defined the furniture market as encompassing the following products:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Desks and home office furniture
  • Cabinets and cupboards
  • Wardrobes and armoires
  • Trunks and chests

We have excluded Sofas, soft furnishings, beds and homewares from this report as we believe they should be analysed separately due to their size. You can find detail of the bed retail landscape in our Summer 2014 report.

Whitepaper Highlights

What can you find inside?

We’ve dissected the data to find the top 20 brands in terms of organic performance in this sector and looked at how they’re using the tools available to them online. Our analysis covers use of social media, user generated content, review platforms, online ratings and their associated schema markup and ad extensions.

Beyond this, we’ve looked at the type of brands dominating the market and analysed their use off and on-site content and how these brands are interacting with consumers. Search trends are very important in this market, as more traditional looks fall out of fashion in favour of newer, fresher looks – find out which ones are trending in this Spring 2015 report.


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