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Health & Fitness Market Report

January 20, 2015

Every January, the health and fitness sector in the UK reaches peak as people start their dieting programs and exercise regimes. The health and fitness sector is a dominant one in the UK, set to break the £4 billion mark in 2015. White therefore decided to analyse this sector as it reaches its peak, with a focus on opportunities and difficulties faced by the main players in the industry.

Why this Sector?

The industry has seen a shift in what users want from their gym. As most people are time-poor, brands are adhering to this need by publishing workouts on social media platforms to complete at home and introducing classes such as Insanity, an intense workout in a short period of time.

This shift has led to a major restructuring within the sector. Established players are experiencing greater competition from aggregators, or budget gyms, which offer low cost with no commitment.


“We will see the industry move away from the box. We will see pop-ups, parks, a series of boot camps, a lot more ad hoc informal training. Innovation is starting to come through.” – Mr Cosslett, CEO Fitness First (Source: The Financial Times)


These developments within the sector have led to an interesting focus for this quarter’s market report.

Whitepaper Highlights

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What can you find inside?

This report looks at some of the major players within the UK health and fitness sector, including Virgin Active, Fitness First and Nuffield Health to name just a few. The report analyses the opportunities and difficulties gyms face in their efforts to increase visibility online. Now more than ever before, content published by businesses makes an important contribution to website visibility. Another aspect of the analysis conducted was to identify search trends which generated some very interesting outcomes and conclusions.

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