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Search Engine Acquisitions

September 7, 2013

It’s easy to forget the fact that the search engines we know and love didn’t get to where they are today all on their own. Behind every successful search engine is a host of smaller companies acquired for having the technology and talent necessary to take the search engine giants to new heights.

Why search engine acquisitions?

It’s interesting to look at which companies the big three search engines have acquired over the years, because doing so delivers clues about their underlying strategies and tactics and ultimately reveals the kind of things marketers should be preparing for. It also reveals the journeys that these search engines have taken and helps us to understand the key to their success.

Whitepaper Highlights

What can you find inside?

Inside this whitepaper you’ll find the story of 3 search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo, told through the acquisitions they’ve mad over the last decade and a half, and what these acquisitions contributed to the search engine. We provide commentary around the direction the companies where heading and the reasons why they acquired the companies they did.

We also provide thoughts on how the big search engines’ acquisitions may influence our jobs as marketers in the coming years.

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