WTF is Going On With Ad Group Bid Simulator? |

WTF is Going On With Ad Group Bid Simulator?

By Richard Fergie / August 5, 2010

On July 19th I noticed that I could us the AdWords Bid Simulator tool at the ad group level rather than at the keyword level as is normal. I thought this was a very useful feature so I tweeted:

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Later that week I thought I should email our Google rep to say how great this new tool was. However, when I went to look at the account I couldn’t see this option. I emailed her with

Early last week I thought I saw the Bid Simulator tool available at the Ad Group level. I was going to say thank you for adding this very useful feature but now I can’t see it anymore. Was I included in a beta for this or was I going mad? Either way, this feature would be very useful.

She replied with:

With regards to the bid simulator tool it is currently only available at the keyword level.There currently isn't a Beta for bid simulator at the ad group level but I will pass this feedback onto our Product team that this is something that you would find useful.

I actually questioned my sanity until I saw this yesterday:

I screenshotted to prove my sanity at a later date and emailed our rep the details. She replied

This is really strange because when I look in the account from my side and follow the same steps that you have in your screenshot I am not able to see the option.

When I check the account today there is no evidence of ad group bid simulator:

WTF is going on?

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