lucile-ppcquiz-bannerFor many of us, the path to PPC enlightenment is one that’s well trodden.

It starts with months and months of AdWords practice. And when we decide it’s time to make the big leap, we take the plunge and assess our skills through earning AdWords Certification.

We read the exam study guides, many blog articles, scan our #adwords Twitter feed… Then suspense… And… We pass!

But dear PPC colleagues, the real path to success in AdWords has just begun.

Just as we can’t learn how to make a wonderful ratatouille by watching Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel, AdWords, like every other craft, needs daily practice and relentless attention to the latest developments.

This is why we have made the PPC Fundamentals Certification. Taking this quiz will help keep you progressing on your path to becoming a PPC warrior!

We’ve put together 10 important AdWords questions – some fiendish, some friendly. They are all based on topics you should be thinking about right now. Take the quiz, and see how you do!

So, how did you get on? Mastered the latest AdWords techniques? If not, don’t worry; you’ll soon be able add them to your marketing repertoire. Here’s some reading to get you started, and keep reading the PPC posts right here on our blog.

Let us know how you did on our quiz, and what AdWords options and functions you struggle with, and we’ll cover them in future articles!