Whether you are out fresh from university or trying to change a career, we are all constantly in pursuit of a dream job. A dream job is one that fulfils you, energises you, motivates you and helps you pursue your passion.

Here is my story of how I got my first digital marketing job – the dream job!


Finding my passion

Surprisingly to my family and friends, after graduating with bachelor and master’s in marketing I had little or no direction what career path I was willing to venture down. I have spent nearly 5 years working in hospitality management, going through a career path, I became a Duty Manager of a 5-star hotel. I have learned a lot and worked with great people. I was great at my work – people told me all the time! And while being in a comfortable career path I still was not fulfilled from what I was doing. Coming from a creative background, I longed for a role that would allow me to utilise my skills at their best.


The journey

Back in university, I have found that I had a natural ‘common sense’ when it comes to marketing and advertising and I set my heart on securing a job in the marketing industry. After a couple months of reinventing myself, and not giving up, I finally managed to get my foot in the door. I am now working with a creative and experienced team here at White.net! Although I did not have any relevant experience, I got in by demonstrating that I was capable of learning quickly in my 3-month internship with the company. Luckily for me, White.net has a great culture in investing in people and is generous with sharing the knowledge that comes with their experience.


From an Intern to an Executive

The company took me through a month of training straight after my induction day! During my training, I was given an individual project where I could broaden my skills in different areas of digital. I had the pleasure working close with most of my colleagues and learn from their unique approaches. It took me two months of a hard work to complete my project which equipped me with the knowledge and experience I was striving to. It was after my project completion when one day my manager asked me to have a meeting. I was offered a digital marketing executive position at the company!


Mondays at White.net

A career change could be a huge event in your life! Getting out of your comfort zone might be challenging and difficult but the results at the end worth so much all the hard work you will do! And believe me, it is not that difficult as it looks, you just have to really want it!

Today, I am still learning at White.net! The learning journey in digital marketing never ends as the industry is changing all the time and you need to follow it and be on top of everything!

While writing this blog I realize tomorrow is Monday! I can’t wait because I will roll my sleeves up at work, learn something new and contribute to everyone’s work! Bring it on Monday!