Are you using Twitter to promote your business? The value of a tweet is about to increase as Google and Twitter are combining forces, making search and social tight like never before. Coming to light in May, Twitter’s content will show in Google’s search results which will help businesses using this social network expand their reach beyond the original service.

Why did Google choose Twitter?

As Twitter is one of the largest and most established text based social networks, it makes a safe bet for Google to team up with it. In the past (2009) Google and Twitter had a deal known as the ‘firehose’, which expired in 2011 with the launch of Google Plus.

twitter-google-integrationFor Google, discovering new content and making real-time rankings was a much harder and slower task, as in order to index Twitter’s public profiles and tweets, Google had to crawl them all. Now by getting access to Twitter’s API, Google will be able to access more real-time data without the necessity to crawl Twitter to get it. This renewed partnership means that 9,000 tweets per second will become available to Google.

For now it’s unknown how and when your accounts will start showing in Google search results. What we know is that Twitter may become a crucial channel for your SEO strategy. Considering that Google commands 75% of the web search market and remains the number one most visited website globally, it brings a whole new level to the integration. This also means that for less effort of using Twitter, brands will be able to abstain traffic and strengthen visibility through indexed tweets.

Here’s the effect that Twitter might have:

  • Engagement – With Twitter’s firehose back in place, Google will be able to see what is being shared and who is being discussed.
  • twitter-google-integration-2Authority – Content created, shared and spoken about from authoritative Twitter accounts, which are not short of high engagement and social recognition, will become more credible to Google.
  • Authenticity – Google will favour authentic human behavioural data not the automated spam which is easier to detect on Twitter.
  • Real-time – Google’s instant access to Twitter’s real-data means that trending topics which often arise on social media, can impact the algorithm.

How to get your account ready

Your social media can benefit from a much higher discoverability too, but before you get excited about the upcoming benefits it’s important to know how to get your tweets ready for Google’s Twitter integration.


#1. Break into search results with great presence
If you don’t already have a Twitter strategy, it’s time to develop one as only relevant profiles with high engagement and sentiment might be amplified on Google’s search results.

#2. Think before you tweet
Who has the chance to see your tweets? Basically anyone who is searching on Google for any topic. As your tweets will enter Google’s public search, it means that they will be visible and accessible to everyone, not just users who are your followers on Twitter.

#3. Optimise your tweets for search
Before you get very excited it is worth pointing out that not all tweets will be shown in search results.Tweets which are not correctly optimized or do not contain specific content, won’t be displayed. To prevent this from happening, make sure to add high-value (search volume) key phrases to your tweets.

#4. Balance branding with calls-to-action
As Twitter is expected to see a huge increase in organic search, it’s important to use this channel to encourage visitors to take specific actions. Simple tweeting is not effective enough, to grab users attention you need to attract them with:
a) branded content,
b) calls-to-action like e.g. ‘Please RT’, ‘Please share’;
c) clear information about what you do and what do you offer

#5. Create a healthy mix
While trying to apply all of the mentioned above tips together it’s important to take into count the golden ratio between promotional and curated tweets, to avoid overwhelming your audience with salesy-focused updates. The ration which we apply is:


#6. Keep an eye on brand mentions
Now and then every company experiences a negative comment on social media. But the way how you handle situations like this and how you respond will play a significant role as searches will be able to come across both negative and positive comments.

More than ever, time and replies will matter as your comments back will be visible to others as well become a reassurance of how you deal with tricky situations and unhappy clients. If positive feedback and client testimonials are not part of your social media strategy, you may need to consider adding them soon, as Twitter’s research has shown that “60% of respondents say they’ve made a purchase from an SMB based on something they saw on Twitter”.

#7. Leverage the long-term impact 
Your tweets help you leave a long lasting image of your brand as messages which you posted even few months ago could show up in search. This is why it’s so important to think before you tweet and craft messages which can benefit not just your audience but also search engine.

Having tweets showing up in SERPs will impact your paid and organic traffic. This also means being able to get extra recognition from tweets that get retweeted by influencers and individuals with high social authority.



#8. Don’t forget about frequency
There are hundred of businesses out there having inactive presence on Twitter. The new partnership is an opportunity for them to get grips with at least one channel which could truly benefit their business. By staying engaged, learning how to use it, they will be able to not just improve their social presence but also achieve tangible results.

What are your thoughts about Google and Twitter integration? We will be keeping an eye on its progress to provide you with more information in the future. If you got inspired with this read, there is more to come!