Audley Travel

Through a series of integrated campaigns, we supported Audley Travel in their website redesign, increased organic traffic, and reduced PPC costs while boosting click-through rates. Our strategy helped Audley realise the opportunity across several online marketing channels, reducing their reliance on any single traffic source, while all working to get the brand in front of the relevant audiences.

ClientAudley TravelYear2016

The Challenge.

With the specialist travel industry becoming more competitive, Audley wanted to ensure that they had a prominent position online and increase the number of visitors to their website. Further, more eyeballs weren’t enough – as with any search strategy, the traffic had to be qualified, and in this case, deliver an increase in requests for brochures and quotes.

Audley was also in the process of a website redesign which better reflected their brand. As the re-launch was implemented in the run-up to peak booking season, we needed to work with them to ensure that their organic traffic was maintained. Simultaneously, we could see the need to streamline paid search, achieving lower PPC spend while increasing conversions.

We were also tasked with consulting on the content strategy of Audley’s Traveller magazine. With this, we aimed to capture long-tail search traffic and engaging potential customers who were in earlier research stages of the booking process.

Our Solution.

Our goal was to create an integrated strategy that not only drove traffic to the site, but increased brand recognition, decreased paid media spend while maintaining or increasing clicks to the site, and led to conversions. To do this in such a rapidly-changing sector, we knew that a 360-degree strategy was needed, integrating key organic, PPC and social media strands.

Delivering this effectively meant continued SEO consultancy, including refreshing content and metadata, researching new topic opportunities, and streamlining both organic and paid search to relevant products.

To support our paid and organic search strategies, we also consulted on Audley’s social media presence with the aim of boosting Audley’s brand recognition within the broader travel industry, reaching potential customers, as well as increasing positive sentiment and attention.

The Results.

  • 152% increase in PPC conversions
  • 166% increase in PPC clicks
  • 86% increase in organic traffic

Our work proved so successful that we had to stop running PPC campaigns in several areas, as Audley Travel were receiving so many visits from search that the sales teams were working at maximum capacity.

Our integrated work on search and social media, in particular developing content around the ITV series ‘Billy Connolly: Journey to the Edge of the World’, brought in thousands of direct visits during the six weeks the programme screened.

More importantly, our initial efforts set the foundations for a long-term relationship, with us working with Audley on the launch of their new website in early 2015 and subsequent content and digital PR projects.

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