• 22 Jun


    Building a new SEO process

    Through establishing consistent content workflow and technical best practices that could be integrated across the business, we helped Elsevier overhaul their approach to SEO. This world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services has a large portfolio of sites, and the largest collection of electronic journals available, making SEO management a significant task.

    The Challenge

    We have had a long-standing recommendation with Elsevier, back to 2008. We’ve provided technical SEO and PPC support, as well as training for key digital marketing staff and ad-hoc project consultancy.


    In 2015, Elsevier approached us to conduct a review of their current SEO process and implementation. As an organisation, we could see they lacked consistency in their approach to digital marketing and SEO, with a different methodology, resources and processes used across their portfolio.


    This resulted in conflicting campaigns, company-wide inefficiencies, and in some cases, sites within the group working against each other. Elsevier asked us to deliver three actionable recommendations on how they move forward with SEO across the business.

    Our Solution

    With staff in 23 locations across the world and famous publications such as The Lancet and Cell to care for, our recommendations had to be practical. It was clear that we’d have the most impact by helping Elsevier approach SEO as a fundamental part of their marketing, educating developers on SEO, and identifying the internal team they should build.


    The project’s first priority was to identify the key stakeholders in Elsevier’s online presence. They would provide detail on the challenges and requirements needed to achieve our goals.


    Once identified, we built a questionnaire to learn more about the individual, and their team. We delved into team structure, their skillset and experience, the current use of tools and what KPIs the unit was working too.

    For more insight, we followed up with a day of interviews, asking more detailed questions. Each interview was individually tailored and allowed us to gather extra information and paint a full picture of the current landscape. This helped us develop recommendations that were not only suitable to Elsevier’s needs but were also practical to implement.


    Whilst conducting this research, we were concurrently working on auditing nine separate websites. By running these streams together, we were able to deliver the work within the timescale needed and make recommendations based on a complete view of their situation, and potential.

    The Results

    Once all of the information was gathered, we presented our recommendations to the CMO council, a select group of individuals responsible for all marketing activity.


    Our recommendations have been taken on-board, and are being used to create internal process governing ways-of-working that will be rolled-out globally.


    The technical SEO audits yielded a number of important improvements that could be made. We provided Elsevier’s development team with a prioritised list of fixes for review and implementation.


    Finally, we provided recommendations on building a best-of-class internal digital team, allowing the company to self-manage their ever-growing portfolio of online properties.

    By Jintana Chantschool
  • 13 Feb

    Insider Journeys

    Guiding customers to a new destination online

    When Travel Indochina decided to rebrand to Insider Journeys to align the brand and website to their expanded destination set, they asked us to help maintain their website traffic and restructure their accounts, and we exceeded their expectations.

    The Challenge

    Insider Journeys, who were rebranding from Travel Indochina, needed help to ensure that their paid media accounts were best placed to cover the new destinations they were offering.

    The paid media team were also tasked with maintaining website traffic during the rebrand in anticipation for fluxes in organic traffic during the migration. Another challenge was that this rebrand not only applied to the UK account, but the USA and Australian accounts too.

    It was understood that rebranding carried a number of risks due to potential drops in organic traffic and PPC account quality scores, so these were considerations that our team had to take into account.

    The Solution

    With the use of the powerful Google AdWords Editor, we were able to update all final URLs account-wide, apply new campaigns and accompanying creatives to reflect the new destinations, implement a mobile strategy, and also set A/B tests across the entire account from ads to extensions.

    As we were working on three accounts in three different time-zones, we had to carefully review all Analytics data independently to ensure that the bid strategies and ad schedules that we implemented were optimised for the local destination.

    Not only this, but we had to ensure that all currencies were localised as well as the terminology used. From experience, we knew that terminology differs greatly country by country.

    The Results

    After restructuring the account to better target the right audiences, it led to 3.52% less relevant impressions, with an interaction rate increase of 4.87%. Thanks to the introduction of a mobile strategy, enquiries raised by 14.71% and the newsletter subscription by 34.78% which allowed Insider Journeys to increase their lead rate.

    By targeting the right audiences, the bounce rate decreased by 7.91% and the average time and page depth increased due to the more qualified traffic on the Insider Journeys website.

    In both organic and paid search, White.net have pushed and supported us to exceed best practice and craft more effective acquisition campaigns. Consulting on our North America, Australia and United Kingdom AdWords accounts White have significantly increased the granularity of our AdGroup campaigns and assisted us with new product adoption.

    Insider Journeys

    By White.net
  • 13 Jan
    Nominet – Know The Net

    Nominet – Know The Net


    When domain name registrar for .uk domains, Nominet launched an educational website, Knowthenet, we came on board to develop and deliver an integrated SEO and social media campaign to raise the visibility of Knowthenet.org.uk, meaning its advice on internet safety reached the widest audience possible.

    The Challenge

    As a not for profit arm of Nominet, Knowthenet was established with an agenda to reach as many people as possible, with the focus on parents and young people.

    Its aims were to drive traffic, through shares and interaction with their content, and campaigns targeting different aspects of online safety.

    Nominet didn’t have the resources to manage the content strategy or social media promotion side of the project, so we stepped in to assist with these elements.

    The Solution

    We devised a strategy that would focus on developing timely news-based content alongside evergreen long-form features that would attract those seeking information and advice. We integrated social media into the project strategy, focusing on two principal platforms; Facebook and Twitter.

    Working closely with Nominet’s PR agency, we created content that would complement traditional media coverage of relevant topics and devised campaigns that targeted trending topics such as cyberbullying, mobile security and online vocabulary.

    We utilised a variety of mediums to engage users across Facebook and Twitter, targeting four very different audience personas, such as online quizzes, competitions, polls and infographics.

    The Results

    1. 100% increase in organic search traffic for non-brand keywords
    2. 69% increase in overall traffic
    3. 153% increase in social media referrals to the website


    We enjoyed good results with the project and particularly in terms of driving engagement with the site through social media. Thanks to the success of the initial campaign, we were given significant additional budget to invest in further SEO and social media campaign work, with more challenging objectives set for search visibility and brand awareness.

    White.net really know their stuff. A young, dynamic team that pushes our business forward. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with.  


    By White.net