• 22 Jun
    S&B Commercials

    S&B Commercials

    Increasing return in a crowded market place

    Tapping into S&B’s customer’s online behaviour allowed us to invest their budget wisely into avenues that produced the greatest offline return. The success of their search advertising campaign allowed S&B to further build their level of exposure through social channels such as Facebook.

    The Challenge

    The new and used commercial vehicle market is huge and highly competitive. S&B, a commercial vehicle dealership, hired us to overhaul their campaign and made paid search advertising work as a consistent channel.

    Helping S&B find where within this crowded market their advertising budget gave them the greatest return was our initial goal. Our next challenge was delivering a good volume of qualified traffic to S&B’s internal sales team – both on and offline – whilst maintaining a limited digital budget. This qualified traffic would, in turn, generate profitable leads, so ensuring tracking was in place so S&B knew what worked for their audience was also paramount.

    Our Solution

    Our strategy was based on using S&B’s customer profile to make smart decisions on where to spend their budget. By tapping into their customer’s behaviour we could appear throughout the sales cycle, from research (website visits and brochure downloads) to consideration (call-back requests and enquiry forms) and acquisition (vehicle reservations and purchases).

    First, we restructured their PPC account to mirror their website, building a presence every time a customer searched for our products. Then we improved tracking and introduced AdWords goals so all website actions towards a sale could be measured.

    This helped us identify successful search terms. Grouping these queries according to vehicle model and user intent, we then portioned out the budget according to the return each group gave, safeguarding budget.

    We also noticed sharp variances in engagement throughout the day, so implemented an ad schedule to spend only when customers were actively searching for our products.

    Increasing the ROI from AdWords liberated budget, which we focused on social advertising channels including Gmail and Facebook.

    We analysed S&B Commercials’ analytics and sales data to extract their key demographic audience in order for us to target the right audience with Facebook Lead Generation campaigns from the word go. We began advertising three models, the Citan, Sprinter and Vito to carefully sculpted audiences who met the key demographic but also who worked in particular trades with interests linked to commercial vehicles.

    The Results

    The work on the AdWords account led to a 57% increase in the times when S&B’s ads were seen on Google and a 263% increase in visits to the website.

    The increase in qualified traffic to the business, in turn, led to a stunning 4016% increase in customer conversions (brochure downloads, filling out of online forms, vehicle reservations and purchases), bringing the average cost-per-lead down by over 83%.

    As a result, the significant increase in their digital return gave S&B the confidence to invest and increased 166% in their digital budget allowing them to drive traffic from other marketing channels.

    Using Facebook Ads, we delivered an average of 11 confirmed leads per day at an optimal CPA 600% lower than that attained via Google AdWords over the 30-day campaign. We have now since expanded the campaign to now include other commercial vehicles offered by Mercedes-Benz. To date, ads on Facebook have led to a substantial increase in the number of qualified leads received by the business.

    Working with White has so far delivered over-anticipated results. Decreasing our average cost-per-lead by over 83% has meant that our budget now works harder for us, and allowed us to reliably increase our digital budget due to increased ROI. Increased targeted exposure has also led to a vast increase in leads generated from our PPC activities.


    By Jintana Chantschool
  • 22 Jun


    Building a new SEO process

    Through establishing consistent content workflow and technical best practices that could be integrated across the business, we helped Elsevier overhaul their approach to SEO. This world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services has a large portfolio of sites, and the largest collection of electronic journals available, making SEO management a significant task.

    The Challenge

    We have had a long-standing recommendation with Elsevier, back to 2008. We’ve provided technical SEO and PPC support, as well as training for key digital marketing staff and ad-hoc project consultancy.


    In 2015, Elsevier approached us to conduct a review of their current SEO process and implementation. As an organisation, we could see they lacked consistency in their approach to digital marketing and SEO, with a different methodology, resources and processes used across their portfolio.


    This resulted in conflicting campaigns, company-wide inefficiencies, and in some cases, sites within the group working against each other. Elsevier asked us to deliver three actionable recommendations on how they move forward with SEO across the business.

    Our Solution

    With staff in 23 locations across the world and famous publications such as The Lancet and Cell to care for, our recommendations had to be practical. It was clear that we’d have the most impact by helping Elsevier approach SEO as a fundamental part of their marketing, educating developers on SEO, and identifying the internal team they should build.


    The project’s first priority was to identify the key stakeholders in Elsevier’s online presence. They would provide detail on the challenges and requirements needed to achieve our goals.


    Once identified, we built a questionnaire to learn more about the individual, and their team. We delved into team structure, their skillset and experience, the current use of tools and what KPIs the unit was working too.

    For more insight, we followed up with a day of interviews, asking more detailed questions. Each interview was individually tailored and allowed us to gather extra information and paint a full picture of the current landscape. This helped us develop recommendations that were not only suitable to Elsevier’s needs but were also practical to implement.


    Whilst conducting this research, we were concurrently working on auditing nine separate websites. By running these streams together, we were able to deliver the work within the timescale needed and make recommendations based on a complete view of their situation, and potential.

    The Results

    Once all of the information was gathered, we presented our recommendations to the CMO council, a select group of individuals responsible for all marketing activity.


    Our recommendations have been taken on-board, and are being used to create internal process governing ways-of-working that will be rolled-out globally.


    The technical SEO audits yielded a number of important improvements that could be made. We provided Elsevier’s development team with a prioritised list of fixes for review and implementation.


    Finally, we provided recommendations on building a best-of-class internal digital team, allowing the company to self-manage their ever-growing portfolio of online properties.

    By Jintana Chantschool
  • 22 Jun
    Strand Palace Hotel

    Strand Palace Hotel

    A PPC campaign to make hotel rooms Strand out

    Since it opened in 1909, the Strand Palace, a 4-star hotel located on London’s Strand, has earned a reputation as one of London’s pre-eminent hotels. We helped them demonstrate why they deserve this great reputation by bringing more online customers through their doors thanks to a sophisticated PPC campaign.

    The Challenge

    The Strand Palace Hotel approached us to help them increase room bookings whilst maintaining an agreed low cost-per-booking target to ensure that their overall ROI remained positive.

    A successful PPC strategy must consider every touch-point within the sales funnel, from research (location, pricing), to consideration (customer reviews) and finally conversion (room bookings). With their beautiful art deco architecture and modern amenities, the hotel won the Certificate of Excellence 2014 award from Tripadvisor, meaning our campaign had to reflect this experience, and the hotel’s brand values, in our communication.

    The Strand faces fierce competition, with over 1,000 hotels in central London. Our challenge in this competitive marketplace was to not only show Strand’s USPs but also deliver strong ROI in a niche where bid prices continually rise.

    Our Solution

    To succeed in this competitive niche, this campaign required a top-down review, with every element tested and refined.

    We began with a brand-immersion exercise with the in-house team before auditing the existing PPC and analytics set-up. The first part of the solution was helping Strand Palace migrate to Google Tag Manager to consolidate their tracking, add transparency and reduce support costs as they relied on external developers.

    Our analysis revealed the need to expand the account to target popular tourist destination searches, such as ‘hotels in Covent Garden’. This was tested and fleshed out by identifying the most profitable keywords and designing ad creatives for the different clienteles we could target. We could then quickly negate poorer performing search queries, ensuring that CTRs were not affected and in-fact increased through only bidding for traffic showing booking intent.

    The next step, once enough data had been compiled, was employing a programmatic bidding approach to further enhance budget allocation. The ability to segment user intent and conversion type across every hour of every day of the week allowed us to implement a per-hour bid schedule, safeguarding avg. CPC and reducing budget waste.

    The Results

    Our campaign led to a dramatic improvement in the ROI of the hotel’s PPC efforts. Most importantly, we increased overall revenue by 36%, and reduced the cost-per-booking by 55%, allowing Strand Palace to make more money without increasing budget.

    The ad testing led to refinements that increased click-through-rate by 108%, resulting in a 60% drop in invalid impressions & 17% decrease in wasted clicks. Our ad copy and landing page A/B testing helped the hotel achieve a 91% increase in online bookings and a 131% improvement in PPC conversion rate.

    Next, this improved ROI allowed us to focus on competitor activity, increasing market penetration through finding further opportunities for Strand Palace to target, all within their original budget.

    In January this year, Strand Palace recorded its highest ever revenue figures, and this is largely down to the excellent work of White.net. Over the last few months, their technical SEO updates and PPC campaigns have grown the business to new levels. The efficiency, knowledge and skill of the young White.net team is second to none, and ultimately, they’re a great bunch to work with. Highly recommend! We’ve been working with White.net for some time now, and it’s been a brilliant partnership from the start. Thanks to their highly-skilled staff, who specialise in every aspect of digital marketing, we’ve grown our business to unprecedented levels. After recording our best ever revenue figures in January this year, we’d just like to say thanks to all the staff, and long may our work continue! Not only do White.net have highly-skilled digital marketing staff - that’s a given – they’re also a very receptive, friendly bunch to work with. It’s like we have our own in-house digital marketing specialists by our side. This day-to-day relationship with them has been pivotal in taking our business to new levels, including one of our best ever month regarding revenue. Long may it continue!

    Strand Palace

    By Jintana Chantschool
  • 19 Jun
    Natural Baby Shower

    Natural Baby Shower

    More Than Natural Growth Through Paid Media

    Natural Baby Shower is a retailer of baby products and the natural place to shop for new parents and moms-to-be. We helped them grow their business over the last two years enabling them to become the industry leader in natural baby products.

    The Challenge

    Natural Baby Shower approached us to help them boost their growth whilst maintaining a low CPA to ensure their overall ROI remained exceptional, but the campaigns were aggressive enough to ensure very strong growth.

    The sector they operate in is very competitive, with cost per click of most keywords increasing, with the wrong campaign on paid channels, this could put pressure on margins. For a growing business, this can present even more of a challenge, with the need to continually find opportunities in such competitive market.

    Our challenge in this marketplace was to not only show NBS’s uniqueness but also to deliver long-term customers, with a strong immediate ROI.

    Our Solution

    To succeed in this competitive niche, the campaign required a lot of hands-on management and an exceptional knowledge of the client and the market. We also needed to constantly monitor our competitor’s prices and offers to ensure we could stay one step ahead.

    We used a number of channels to ensure the campaigns were successful:

    • DSA Campaign
    • RLSA (Shopping and search)
    • Paid Social Ads for Most important events (Black Friday + Baby Shows)
    • New Attribution Model to take better decisions
    • Time of Day bidding – Script to ensure every hour is different
    • Native advertising to reach a broader audience on the display network
    • Access to the main beta so Use all new features before competitors
    • Continuous A/B testing
    • Continual bid management

    Black Friday

    In 2014 NBS did very little for Black Friday, but in 2015 with us helping they started to introduce offer on the day. The build-up and the day were very busy, but we ensured success with a very hands-on approach.

    • Hourly Communication with their team to ensure site/stock were ok
    • Check competition for the best selling brands
    • Check Prices & Stock (out of stock items) on competitors sites
    • Ensure the bids are always on top but also that the spent doesn’t reach too high level
    • Amend the ads during the day for some brands that have just allow a higher discount or who were allowing us to promote their brand term
    • Script for any anomaly every hour


    In 2016 the campaign was run again.

    Client Communication

    We had to adapt our approach to the busy environment of a high growth business, some of the areas that allowed the project to be a real success were:

    • We made sure we were available at the times that work for NBS – which included out of hours and weekends
    • Last minute promotions came up frequently and had to be dealt with quickly, this was due to last minute announcements from brands
    • Due to the continual growth of the business, internal teams were always busy and often not available. We got around this by learning quickly about their products and gathering a thorough understanding of their business
    • We were able to push our approach and become an important part of the NBS team

    The Results

    Improvements over the period

    • 225.86% increase in orders through AdWords
    • 433.25% growth in revenue through AdWords & Bing
    • 814.71% increase in revenue through AdWords Shopping campaigns (PLAs)


    Black Friday 2015

    • Structuring the campaign to produce over a month’s worth of revenue in one day
    • An increase of 975% in AdWords revenue over Black Friday in 2014 when no promotion took place


    Explosive Black Friday 2016

    • Revenue generated in a day in 2016 was over a normal month’s revenue, with the benefit of long-term, repeat customers
    • Black Friday period 2016 saw a 247.02% increase in AdWords revenue (last click attribution) when compared to Black Friday 2015, and 3,755% up on 2014

    Thanks again for helping facilitate a great period of growth for Natural Baby Shower

    Natural Baby Shower

    By White.net
  • 16 Apr
    Trafalgar Tours

    Trafalgar Tours

    Destination PPC & SEO for increased revenue

    Through a combined organic and paid media strategy, we enabled Trafalgar to expand their reach to more search engine users around the world. Trafalgar approached us to improve search visibility for the tours they operate to over 200 worldwide destinations; something we achieved through insightful and creative campaigns

    The Challenge

    Trafalgar, who have been creating exceptional guided holidays for around 70 years, needed help getting their tours on the digital map. Originally an SEO project, we later had an invitation for PPC to join organic onboard to realise the potential of an integrated search strategy.

    As researching a guided holiday is an involved process with multiple touch points, we needed to craft a search campaign to drive soft conversions like brochure requests, whilst also optimising booking volumes to prove return on investment (ROI).

    With both organic and paid media teams involved with the project, it was vital to coordinate all research, data, actions and progress to work towards the goal of increasing search visibility.

    The Solution

    Firstly, we needed to work with Trafalgar to identify the data behind their destinations. Who was currently travelling where? Which destinations were key drivers of revenue to the business? Which ones needed immediate growth? Acting as an arm of their digital marketing department, we used this data to support the creation of regional search term lists for SEO and PPC. With these targets in place, our technical SEO specialists then audited the performance of the Trafalgar website before carrying out on-page improvements on the destination and tour pages. Our content and digital PR specialists handled other elements of the campaign, including building relationships with influential travel

    With these targets in place, our technical SEO specialists then audited the performance of the Trafalgar website before carrying out on-page improvements on the destination and tour pages. Our content and digital PR specialists handled other elements of the campaign, including building relationships with influential travel

    Our content and digital PR specialists handled other elements of the campaign, including building relationships with influential travel bloggers and publishing interesting content about the destinations that Trafalgar serves to capture search traffic for those in the earlier stages of the buying cycle.

    For PPC, our paid media specialists used a combination of platforms and tools including Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, and Facebook Ecommerce tracking to keep campaigns as cost-effective as possible.

    Search Traffic

    900% increase in search traffic


    100% ROI for PPC

    Brand CPC

    51% decrease in brand term CPC

    The Results

    With a combined SEO and PPC strategy for Trafalgar, we were able to report a 900% increase in search traffic; vastly increasing the visibility of the escorted tours offered by the brand around the world.

    Due to exceeding expectations set out at the beginning of the project, Trafalgar allocated additional budget to White.net from each regional operation to further invest in search, including for content marketing and paid search.

    Our paid media specialists integrated Marin Software into PPC campaigns, leading to substantial decreases in brand term CPCs and in cost per goal through refined traffic acquisition.

    We’re delighted with the improvement in performance of our PPC accounts that White.net have achieved […] our budget works harder for us driving more revenue into the business.

    Trafalgar Tours

    By White.net