By turning Deloitte’s impressively detailed report on the world’s richest football clubs into a graphical league table, we took its reach up a level. Within several weeks it had earned coverage in The City AM, the Metro, The Guardian and Marketing Week, as well as exposure on the BBC, CNN and Sky Sports.


The Challenge.

The annual Football Money League report, featuring the top richest football clubs, has been compiled by Deloitte for over 15 years. Deloitte wanted to capitalise on the existing popularity of the report and further its reach.

Our task was to find the most exciting platform to get the interesting story within the report in front of audiences who would enjoy it, plus earn attention from media outlets. The report also had to work within the wider SEO campaign that was underway. We needed to make a splash, and turn the report from a set of data into a news story.

Our Solution.

When creating our strategy, we two aspects were key to for the content. Firstly, we needed to tap into turning the list of richest clubs into a league table – a reference every football fan would relate, and potentially find interesting. Secondly, the Deloitte report was extremely detailed – a graphical representation would help tell the compelling aspect more easily.

We suggested creating an infographic. With limited time to see the final figures, we used the previous years’ report figures for the design, then worked fast to add the numbers once ready. Working closely with Deloitte’s branding team, we created a design that adhered to corporate guidelines but was still had the impact we needed.

Promotion is key to getting great content the attention it deserves. We liaised with Deloitte’s PR team to select from their existing contacts and identified over 150 sports and business bloggers. On launch day we then pitched to them with tailored emails.

The Results.

Our Football Money League infographic generated a traffic increase to the site of 450% on the day of release. Of the traffic that the infographic received, 90% of visits were unique and 75% were referring sites. Fantastically, the infographic received a lot of media coverage. It was published in 10 languages and received 232 links from 78 unique domains and there were mentions in a variety of newspaper and TV news websites as well as offline coverage.

Later, the campaign won Deloitte and ourselves recognition at the 2012 UK Search Awards, where the work was a finalist in the category Best Use of Search – Finance. Following the success of this initial work, we’ve gone on to create and promote other infographics for Deloitte, and the designs and processes have been included in their internal branding guidelines.

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