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When Travel Indochina decided to rebrand to Insider Journeys to align the brand and website to their expanded destination set, they asked us to help maintain their website traffic and restructure their accounts, and we exceeded their expectations.

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The Challenge.

Insider Journeys, who were rebranding from Travel Indochina, needed help to ensure that their paid media accounts were best placed to cover the new destinations they were offering.

The paid media team were also tasked with maintaining website traffic during the rebrand in anticipation for fluxes in organic traffic during the migration. Another challenge was that this rebrand not only applied to the UK account, but the USA and Australian accounts too.

It was understood that rebranding carried a number of risks due to potential drops in organic traffic and PPC account quality scores, so these were considerations that our team had to take into account.

Our Solution.

With the use of the powerful Google AdWords Editor, we were able to update all final URLs account-wide, apply new campaigns and accompanying creatives to reflect the new destinations, implement a mobile strategy, and also set A/B tests across the entire account from ads to extensions.

As we were working on three accounts in three different time-zones, we had to carefully review all Analytics data independently to ensure that the bid strategies and ad schedules that we implemented were optimised for the local destination.

Not only this, but we had to ensure that all currencies were localised as well as the terminology used. From experience, we knew that terminology differs greatly country by country.

The Results.

After restructuring the account to better target the right audiences, it led to 3.52% less relevant impressions, with an interaction rate increase of 4.87%. Thanks to the introduction of a mobile strategy, enquiries raised by 14.71% and the newsletter subscription by 34.78% which allowed Insider Journeys to increase their lead rate.

By targeting the right audiences, the bounce rate decreased by 7.91% and the average time and page depth increased due to the more qualified traffic on the Insider Journeys website.

"White's expertise and resource were essential in ensuring the digital element of the rebrand was as efficient and controlled as such a project can be. With the agency's advanced international SEO expertise, we took the opportunity to further optimise each domain which, alongside a thoughtful and lean content strategy, has delivered sustained year-on-year organic traffic growth across each domain."

Insider Journeys

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