Natural Baby Shower

Natural Baby Shower is a retailer of baby products and the natural place to shop for new parents and moms-to-be. We helped them grow their business over the last two years enabling them to become the industry leader in natural baby products.

ClientNatural Baby ShowerYear2017

The Challenge.

Natural Baby Shower approached us to help them boost their growth whilst maintaining a low CPA to ensure their overall ROI remained exceptional, but the campaigns were aggressive enough to ensure very strong growth.

The sector they operate in is very competitive, with cost per click of most keywords increasing, with the wrong campaign on paid channels, this could put pressure on margins. For a growing business, this can present even more of a challenge, with the need to continually find opportunities in such competitive market.

Our challenge in this marketplace was to not only show NBS’s uniqueness but also to deliver long-term customers, with a strong immediate ROI.

Our Solution.

To succeed in this competitive niche, the campaign required a lot of hands-on management and an exceptional knowledge of the client and the market. We also needed to constantly monitor our competitor’s prices and offers to ensure we could stay one step ahead.

We used a number of channels to ensure the campaigns were successful:

DSA Campaign
RLSA (Shopping and search)
Paid Social Ads for Most important events (Black Friday + Baby Shows)
New Attribution Model to take better decisions
Time of Day bidding – Script to ensure every hour is different
Native advertising to reach a broader audience on the display network
Access to the main beta so Use all new features before competitors
Continuous A/B testing
Continual bid management

n 2014 NBS did very little for Black Friday, but in 2015 with us helping they started to introduce offer on the day. The build-up and the day were very busy, but we ensured success with a very hands-on approach.

Hourly Communication with their team to ensure site/stock were ok
Check competition for the best selling brands
Check Prices & Stock (out of stock items) on competitors sites
Ensure the bids are always on top but also that the spent doesn’t reach too high level
Amend the ads during the day for some brands that have just allow a higher discount or who were allowing us to promote their brand term
Script for any anomaly every hour

In 2016 the campaign was run again.

We had to adapt our approach to the busy environment of a high growth business, some of the areas that allowed the project to be a real success were:

We made sure we were available at the times that work for NBS – which included out of hours and weekends
Last minute promotions came up frequently and had to be dealt with quickly, this was due to last minute announcements from brands
Due to the continual growth of the business, internal teams were always busy and often not available. We got around this by learning quickly about their products and gathering a thorough understanding of their business
We were able to push our approach and become an important part of the NBS team

The Results.

Improvements over the period

225.86% increase in orders through AdWords
433.25% growth in revenue through AdWords & Bing
814.71% increase in revenue through AdWords Shopping campaigns (PLAs)

Black Friday 2015

Structuring the campaign to produce over a month’s worth of revenue in one day
An increase of 975% in AdWords revenue over Black Friday in 2014 when no promotion took place

Explosive Black Friday 2016

Revenue generated in a day in 2016 was over a normal month’s revenue, with the benefit of long-term, repeat customers
Black Friday period 2016 saw a 247.02% increase in AdWords revenue (last click attribution) when compared to Black Friday 2015, and 3,755% up on 2014

"Thanks again for helping facilitate a great period of growth for Natural Baby Shower."

Natural Baby Shower

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