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Through a combined organic and paid media strategy, we enabled Trafalgar to expand their reach to more search engine users around the world. Trafalgar approached us to improve search visibility for the tours they operate to over 200 worldwide destinations; something we achieved through insightful and creative campaigns

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The Challenge.

Trafalgar, who have been creating exceptional guided holidays for around 70 years, needed help getting their tours on the digital map. Originally an SEO project, we later had an invitation for PPC to join organic onboard to realise the potential of an integrated search strategy.

As researching a guided holiday is an involved process with multiple touch points, we needed to craft a search campaign to drive soft conversions like brochure requests, whilst also optimising booking volumes to prove return on investment (ROI).

With both organic and paid media teams involved with the project, it was vital to coordinate all research, data, actions and progress to work towards the goal of increasing search visibility.

Our Solution.

Firstly, we needed to work with Trafalgar to identify the data behind their destinations. Who was currently travelling where? Which destinations were key drivers of revenue to the business? Which ones needed immediate growth? Acting as an arm of their digital marketing department, we used this data to support the creation of regional search term lists for SEO and PPC.

With these targets in place, our technical SEO specialists then audited the performance of the Trafalgar website before carrying out on-page improvements on the destination and tour pages.

Our content and digital PR specialists handled other elements of the campaign, including building relationships with influential travel bloggers, and publishing interesting content about the destinations that Trafalgar serves to capture search traffic for those in the earlier stages of the buying cycle.

For PPC, our paid media specialists used a combination of platforms and tools including Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, and Facebook Ecommerce tracking to keep campaigns as cost-effective as possible.

The Results.

– 900% increase in search traffic

– 100% ROI for PPC

– 51% decrease in brand term CPC

With a combined SEO and PPC strategy for Trafalgar, we were able to report a 900% increase in search traffic; vastly increasing the visibility of the escorted tours offered by the brand around the world.

Due to exceeding expectations set out at the beginning of the project, Trafalgar allocated additional budget to from each regional operation to further invest into search, including for content marketing and paid search.

Our paid media specialists integrated Marin Software into PPC campaigns, leading to substantial decreases in brand term CPCs and in cost per goal through refined traffic acquisition.

"We’re delighted with the improvement in performance of our PPC accounts that have achieved […] our budget works harder for us driving more revenue into the business.”

Trafalgar Tours

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