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  • 27 Nov


    On Monday 24th November, White welcomed over 100 delegates with exclusive access to the prestigious Ashmolean Museum for its annual White Exchange conference.

    ‘Turning Data into Strategy’ was the focus of the day and attracted representatives from both client and agency side from a wealth of London and Oxfordshire-based businesses.


    The day kicked off with Jon Myers, VP and MD EMEA of Marin Software, outlining 5 key trends on the use of data in online advertising.

    “Are you advertising on RSLA with Google? If not then go and take a look, it targets your demographic”– Jon Myers.

    This was followed by one of White’s own PPC Consultant, Jason Denny, with a very engaging presentation on ‘Identifying data to fuel your PPC Strategy’, in which he explained why Keyword Eye, SEMrush and Keyword Planner are his tools of choice.

    Head of Insight at Linkdex, Jonathan Alderson, captivated the audience with his talk on ‘Digital Marketing by Numbers’. Alderson says, ‘pull all your key stakeholders into one room and articulate what good likes like, then translate to a measurable goal’.

    Director of Services at White, Daniel Bianchini, then shared his 4 steps to building a data-driven strategy, highlighting that marketers do not always utilise data to drive decisions.

    “All goals must lead back to your overall business objective” – Daniel Bianchini

    In the surroundings of marble sculptures and historical artefacts, lunch was served and delegates networked and had the opportunity to converse with the speakers of the morning.

    Keynote speaker and CEO of Democrata, Geoffrey Roberts, took the audience on a journey of his career path, starting in the music industry to Nokia working on some leading edge projects. His talk, ‘How music, data and technology help us get closer to the consumer’, received a lot of positive feedback from delegates.


    The day was rounded off with an invitation to all the speakers to take part in a panel discussion about the future of data. Big Data Advisor for CPM, John Morton, accompanied the speakers on the panel as a specialist in delivering complex insight to decision makers in solutions such as loyalty, rogue trading, and grey market assessment.

    The panel was interactive and engaging, with several questions deriving from the delegates in the room.

    DSC_1129 (2)

    The range and quality of the presentations was excellent. A very effective way of gaining a lot of insight in such an inspiring location”– Chris Jones, White Exchange 2014 delegate.

    Drinks were then served in the Money Gallery, which hosts one of Britain’s largest collections of money, coins and medals. A sense of excitement for discovery and fascination amongst the delegates was evoked being surrounded by these historical pieces.

    With the museum being closed to the public for the event, delegates of White Exchange had the opportunity to browse and admire all that the Ashmolean has to offer.


    “A museum may seem staid and stuffy, however a White light was shone on how marketing practitioners can drive deeper customer engagements, inhibit competitors and grow their business at the White Exchange ‘Turning Data into Strategy’ event. The speakers were insightful, the audience engaged, with many pragmatic topics raised in the Q&A sessions. Look forward to the next White event!” – John Morton

    The success of this White Exchange firmly establishes White as an successful and expanding agency. With growing interest and attendance to the annual conference, the next White Exchange looks to be even bigger and better. For information about the next White Exchange, get in touch with one of the team at White.

    10703766_10154715322280461_8769448418435875798_n“I was so pleased to see so much interest in the event this year. We worked really hard to bring speakers from a variety of industries and professional backgrounds to give a wealth of information on the topic for this year’s event. I’d like to thank the speakers for agreeing to take part in this event. I’d also like to thank the staff from the Ashmolean, who not only proved an amazing venue but were very helpful in enabling us to put the event on. Finally, I’d like to thank the team at White who worked tirelessly to make the event happen.”
    Stuart Tofts, Founder and MD, White.

    Below you can find all the presentations of the speakers from White Exchange 2014.

    Jon Myers

    [slideshare id=42096117&doc=jonsfinalpresentation-141127083922-conversion-gate01]

    Jason Denny

    [slideshare id=41939690&doc=2014-11-18-identifyingdatatofuelyourppcstrategy-141124024308-conversion-gate02]

    Jonathan Alderson

    [slideshare id=42096193&doc=jonospresentation-141127084128-conversion-gate02]

    Daniel Bianchini

    [slideshare id=41939633&doc=2014-141124024142-conversion-gate01]

    Geoffrey Roebrts

    [slideshare id=42095974&doc=geoffpresentation-141127083548-conversion-gate02]

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  • 24 Nov

    4 steps to building a data-driven strategy [Presentation]

    On Monday 24th November, I gave a presentation on building a data-driven strategy at White Exchange.

    By Daniel Bianchini Events
  • 24 Nov

    Identifing Data to Fuel Your PPC Strategy

    Identifying data to fuel your PPC strategy can often be a challenge for any digital marketer irregardless of their experience. On Monday 24th November, I gave a presentation at the annual White Exchange Conference on how to locate data to increase your ROAS, return on ad spend. Effectively data is the digital footprint that we, a user, leave behind on-line and it was that footprint that I analysed and discussed with the attending delegates.

    The slide-deck used in my presentation is below, if you have any questions I’d love to hear from you.


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